Shark Tank Wurkin Stiffs Update

Wurkin Stiffs Collar Stay Update | Shark Tank Season 2

Are you tired of always having to fiddle with the collar of your shirt to make sure it stays as you want it? Jonathan Boos has created an innovative system involving magnets that ensures your collar will be kept folded in place on your shirt. Will the sharks be impressed with this product on Shark Tank Season 2? Find out in our Wurkin Stiffs update. 

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick overview of what happened to Wurkin Stiffs after Shark Tank!

Wurkin Stiffs appeared on Shark Tank Season 2 and left with a deal from Barbara Corcoran and Daymond John for $100,000 for 40% equity. In terms of a Wurkin Stiffs update, the company has managed to reach a valuation of over $16 million in sales and has continued to expand its product line since appearing on Shark Tank

Shark:  Result:
Barbara Corcoran and Daymond John Accepted deal of $100,000 for 40% equity
Kevin O’Leary $100,000 for 30% equity and a 14% royalty
Robert Herjavec $100,000 for 30% equity
Mark Cuban No Offer

Shark Tank Wurkin Stiffs Update

Shark Tank Wurkin Stiffs Update

  • Entrepreneur: Jonathan Boos
  • Business: Men’s fashion accessory brand
  • Ask: $85,000 for 10% equity
  • Result: $100,000 for 40% equity
  • Shark: Barbara Corcoran and Daymond John 

Jonathan walked into Shark Tank Season 2 looking for $85,000 for 10% equity for his men’s fashion accessory brand, Wurkin Stiffs. He thoroughly demonstrated how his innovative magnet system keeps shirt collars in place without any effort. 

Works with All Collars
Wurkin Stiffs Magnetic Collar Stays

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He goes on to share that he got the idea while needing to control his own floppy shirt collar. Using some paperclips and magnets, he made the first Collar Stay prototype and knew he was onto something!

After Jonathan passed around samples of the product to the sharks, they all seemed impressed with what he had to show them. Kevin O’Leary was even more impressed when he heard Wurkin Stiffs was already present in all Nordstrom stores. 

Robert Herjavec asked Jonathan about his sales for all products. Jonathan said he expected $1.8 million in sales in the next year.

Daymond John asked what Jonathan was seeking from the investment, and Jonathan said he wanted someone with connections who could add value to the business.

Mark Cuban went out first, saying that he liked the product but did not have the right connections for it. Barbara Corcoran followed, citing the same reasons.

Jonathan seemed to want more interest from Daymond, but Kevin was the first to put an offer on the table: $100,000 for 30% equity, with a 14% royalty.

Jonathan was wary of Kevin’s offer and reiterated that he needed someone to help him with more than money. He engaged in a direct conversation with Daymond but ended up interrupting him so much that Daymond went out.

Barbara told Daymond to get over it, but he wasn’t ready to budge, which prompted more bickering. Robert took advantage of the situation to make his own offer of $100,000 for 30% equity.

Kevin countered by reducing the equity to 20% but keeping the 14% royalty in place. Robert made his own counter of $100,000 for 25%. 

Barbara went back into the game, offering $100,000 for 20%, if Daymond would join her. Daymond said he needed more equity to consider it, and stated that he would not take less than 40%.

The other sharks and Jonathan were shocked, and Daymond defended his reasoning by citing his business knowledge. He also said the offer was a hard offer.

Kevin reduced his equity to 15%, but ultimately Jonathan chose the deal with Barbara and Daymond of $100,000 for 40%. He left the tank triumphantly, but what happened next? Find out in our Wurkin Stiffs update.

Our Wurkin Stiffs update shows that while the deal did not go through as stated on Shark Tank, Jonathan and Daymond stayed in touch through the years. Jonathan did end up benefiting from Daymond’s expertise after all, and Wurkin Stiffs is now worth over $16 million. 

In fact, the company has grown so much that it has become one of Shark Tank Season 2’s most successful products.

Since airing on Shark Tank, Wurkin Stiffs has expanded its product line to include a variety of men’s business attire accessories, that will keep you looking sharp throughout the day.

Check out their products on the Wurkin Stiffs website, and on Amazon.

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