The Bear & The Rat Dog Ice Cream Update | Season 4

Passionate dog owners Meg and Matt Meyer created a healthy line of dog-friendly ice creams. Did they earn a deal on Shark Tank Season 4? Find out in The Bear & The Rat update!

Shark Tank The Bear & The Rat Update

The Bear & The Rat Update

  • Entrepreneurs: Meg and Matt Meyer
  • Business: Ice cream for dogs
  • Ask: $125,000 for 20% equity
  • Result: No deal
  • Shark: None

Meg and Matt brought their line of dog-friendly ice creams called The Bear & The Rat, to the tank. They also brought their dogs along; Quimby “The Bear” and Laika “The Rat”, who proved that their “Bacon Peanut Barker”, “Banana Peanut Barker”, and “Choc ‘O Not” ice cream flavors were tasty treats!

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At the time of filming, the company had $30,000 in total sales. According to Meg and Matt, the company was featured at a tradeshow recently, but no orders were taken. The sharks didn’t like hearing this, especially given their high valuation. This caused Daymond John to drop out, and Mark Cuban followed out for the same reason.

Kevin O’Leary went out next, stating that the category was too small and he didn’t find the company investable. Lori Greiner went out next, stating that it was too early to invest. Robert Herjavec thought these things were very effective, but in the end he said he went out over the valuation.

With no offers from the sharks, Meg, Matt and their pups were forced to leave the tank without a deal. So what happened next for their company? Keep reading The Bear & The Rat update to find out!

We have great news to share in The Bear & The Rat update! By 2014, their products were in over 3,000 pet stores, and Publix supermarkets nationwide. In 2019, they were picked up by Whole Foods, and as of 2022, products remains in thousands of stores, including Amazon, and The Bear & The Rat website. At the time of this update, company is estimated to be worth $5 million.

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