Brazyn Life Morph Roller Update | Shark Tank Season 9

Brazyn Life came into the Shark Tank in Season 9 with a new solution for a workout product. Nate had suffered many hits while playing in the NFL and the traditional foam roller was the only thing that gave him some relief from back pain. Unfortunately, these were big, bulky, and difficult to travel with. This led him to create The Morph along with his business partner, Tom. The product collapses easily and quickly transforms into a roller when needed. Will the sharks roll on into a deal with Nate and Tom? Let’s find out in this Brazyn Life update.

Shark Tank Brazyn Life Update

Brazyn Life Update

  • Entrepreneur: Nate Lawrie and Tom Hopkins
  • Business: Collapsible, travel-friendly, foam roller for pain
  • Ask: $225,000 for 10% equity
  • Result: $250,000 for 20% equity
  • Shark: Sara Blakely and Lori Greiner

Nate stands by the product, stating that because of the foam roller he was able to stay in the NFL an additional five years after getting spine surgery while playing for the New Orleans Saints. When coming into the tank, the company was profitable but looking for some help marketing the foam roller product, The Morph.

Brazyn Morph Foam Roller

Your body and mind are your greatest assets. Regular foam rolling has been proven to have huge benefits on both. With the world’s first truly portable roller, you can manage pain and speed your recovery no matter where you are. ROLL MORE, FEEL BETTER, and CONQUER THE DAY with your Morph!

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Daymond John loved the product and offered $225,000 for 15%. Kevin O’Leary offered $225,000 for 20%. Mark Cuban ultimately dropped out. Lori Greiner and guest shark, Sara Blakley, offered $225,000 at 20%. Nate countered Lori and Sara’s offer with $225,000 at 15%, matching the offer previously made by Daymond.

Kevin then jumped in with Daymond at $225,000 for 20%. Nate came back with $250,000 for 20%. Both teams of sharks said they would do that deal. Nate and Tom discussed a little before deciding to accept Lori and Sara’s offer.

At the time of this Brazyn Life update, you can purchase The Morph and other additional products on their website. It also looks like Nate and Tom have expanded their product line, with new products including resistance bands, pin-pointed massagers, mobility straps, roller sticks, and t-shirts.

Since appearing on the tank, the company has done over $6 million in revenue, although they never closed the deal with Lori and Sara. Right after the episode aired, they sold out of their product and have been successful ever since, even gaining endorsements from many professional sports teams in the NBA, NFL, USA Rugby, Bobsledding, and Tennis.

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