The Factionist T-Shirts Update | Shark Tank Season 1

Environmentally-conscious buyers have limited choices when it comes to fashion. That’s why Nate Berkopec created his line of t-shirts with inspiring slogans and an eco-friendly approach. Will his company earn him a deal on Shark Tank Season 1? Find out in The Factionist update!

Shark Tank The Factionist Update

The Factionist Update

  • Entrepreneur: Nate Berkopec
  • Business: Eco-friendly t-shirts with inspiring slogans
  • Ask: $30,000 for 20% equity
  • Result: No deal
  • Shark: None

Nate entered Shark Tank Season 1 to talk about wanting to change the world through his company, The Factionist. Inspired by other young adults like him becoming more passionate about the environment, his t-shirts featured statements that were important to him.

In the 6 months prior to filming, he had only made $3,000 in sales which was a red flag for the sharks. Kevin O’Leary was immediately skeptical of Nate’s plans to save the world, and Robert Herjavec questioned the sales figures.

Robert said that there wasn’t enough of a business to invest in. Daymond John noticed that Nate had yet to go talk to private manufacturers. 

First to go out was Kevin O., followed by Kevin Harrington, who was unconvinced by the valuation.

Robert went out next, followed by Barbara Corcoran. Daymond also went out because he thought he’d lose all his money.

Without an offer from any of the sharks, Nate had to leave Shark Tank Season 1 without a deal. Keep reading The Factionist update to see what happened next. 

Research for The Factionist update revealed that the business never took off and eventually shut down.

Despite this, Nate’s passion got him a job with Barbara Corcoran for several years. He was able to learn from her and now runs a business called Speedshop.

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This will be our final The Factionist update. 

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