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Brad Boyink, a self-professed light display guru, wanted to bring the magic of synchronized light displays to indoor Christmas trees. His company, Geek My Tree, sold LED glow balls, which were programmable to synchronize with music tracks in a professional way. What will the sharks think of these lights on Shark Tank Season 7? Find out in our Geek My Tree update and recap.

Shark Tank Geek My Tree Update

Geek My Tree Update

  • Entrepreneur: Brad Boyink
  • Business: Synchronized LED glow balls for indoor Christmas trees
  • Ask: $225,000 for 25% equity
  • Result: $225,000 for 50% equity
  • Shark: Kevin O’Leary

Brad began his Geek My Tree pitch by explaining that he’s bringing animated outdoor light shows to the indoor Christmas tree. The lights were professionally synchronized to various tracks, with more available for purchase on the app. They were the most sophisticated Christmas lights in the world! 

Mark Cuban seemed interested and asked Brad about the price. Brad revealed that the lights cost between $300 and $400, with expansions available for $200 each. The sharks were blown away by this price, and many thought it was much too expensive for the average family.

Brad tried to explain that the cost was elevated because of limited production runs. If he sold more lights, they would be on sale for less. This explanation isn’t enough for Barbara Corcoran, however. She went out because she thought it was too expensive. Robert Herjavec followed. He thought no one would buy it. 

Mark and Lori Greiner agreed, and both went out. Kevin O’Leary didn’t like the price. However, he made an offer because he didn’t like stringing Christmas lights himself. He offered $225,000 for 50% equity.

Brad tried to counter at 40% equity, but Kevin refused. He said that at 50% equity, he cares about the business. Brad accepted! Let’s find out where the company is today with our Geek My Tree update.  

Unfortunately, our Geek My Tree update isn’t good news. While the product sold well for a couple of years (especially after closing the deal with Kevin), Brad ultimately closed the doors in 2018. Too many knock-off products and patent issues lead to bad news for this business.

This will be our final Geek My Tree update.

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