Face Yoga with Koko Update | Shark Tank Season 11

Face Yoga is a popular practice in Japan, which is a method of face training to rid your face of signs of aging. Entrepreneur Koko Hayashi, a Japanese native, has mastered the craft of face yoga after undergoing a botched plastic surgery for her chin. Once she mastered face yoga, Koko was licensed to practice beauty therapy from Switzerland’s Cidesco (Comité International d’Esthétique et de Cosmétologie), and brought the practice of face yoga to the United States. She has taught many celebrities her craft and she has conducted in-person classes in Los Angeles, California. Koko enters the Shark Tank seeking $200,000 for 20% of her business, hoping to grow her online client base. How did Koko fare in the Tank, and how is her business doing now? Read on for our Face Yoga with Koko update.

Shark Tank Face Yoga with Koko Update

Face Yoga with KoKo update

  • Entrepreneur: Koko Hayashi
  • Business: face training lessons to decrease signs of aging
  • Ask: $200,000 for 20% equity
  • Result: No deal
  • Shark: None

Since closing her in-person studio, Koko has moved to an entirely virtual platform for teaching face yoga: she has some free video lessons on YouTube and an app, and she charges $200 per hour for private lessons. There is also paid content on her app. Koko’s claim is that with 3-5 minutes of exercise per day, you can slowly change the features on your face to make you appear younger and to make your face more symmetrical. Koko also pitches her Face Yoga as a non-invasive alternative to plastic surgery or Botox.

She entered the Tank seeking a shark to help her expand her online business and license other instructors. After hearing her pitch and watching her demonstrate some exercises, Kevin O’Leary tried a few out for himself. Ultimately, however, all of the sharks went out, as there was no physical product or instantaneous result, as there would be with plastic surgery or Botox. So what is Koko up to now, after leaving the Tank without a deal? Below we have a Face Yoga with Koko update.

Face Yoga with Koko is still in business and has since appeared on multiple interview outlets. One of Koko’s many famous clients is Kim Kardashian. Koko’s website now features some skincare items and products to assist you with your face yoga exercises, such as medical tape, skin-balancing sugar oil, and a book of Japanese anti-aging secrets. Despite not securing a deal with a shark, Face Yoga with Koko seems to be doing well as a business!

If we hear any more updates, we will make sure to be back with another Face Yoga with Koko update.

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