Tangle Pets Hair Brushes Update | Shark Tank Season 9

Liz Martin from Washington came into the Shark Tank talking herself up. She finally found a solution to the challenge of doing your child’s hair. Previously, she searched for a solution and couldn’t find one, so she made her own. The Season 9 product is a hairbrush that is attached to a stuffed plush animal. Do the sharks feel like this is a challenge for other parents as well? Do they think that a stuffed animal is the solution? Let’s find out if they’ll be taking the animal brushes to the bank in our Shark Tank Tangle Pets update.

Shark Tank Tangle Pets Update

Tangle Pets Update

  • Entrepreneur: Liz Martin
  • Business: Hairbrush for children attached to a stuffed plush animal
  • Ask: $75,000 for 35% equity
  • Result: $75,000 for 50% equity
  • Shark: Lori Greiner

Upon initial questioning from the sharks, Liz is clear in saying that it isn’t just a brush with a toy. The brush is made for all hair types and is designed not to pull at tangles like other brushes on the market. Her sales are very low, but she has only been in business for a short time and had a family emergency that halted her work for the time being.

Mark Cuban did not like Liz’s personality and therefore dropped out. Robert Herjavec didn’t see the potential in the product and joined Mark. Kevin O’Leary was not optimistic about the product either and went out.

Barbara Corcoran thought Liz was exhausting and went out. Lori Greiner was extremely impressed with the quality of the brush and recognized how versatile it is. She complimented Liz on her ability to create this.

Lori offered $75,000 for 50% equity and Liz countered with $75,000 for 45%. However, Lori declined so Liz took her original offer and sealed the deal with a hug.

In terms of a Tangle Pets update, it blew up after airing and sold $12 million of product. The brushes are available at over 20,000 retail stores and can also be found online.

At the time of our Tangle Pets update, you can find them at Walmart and Bed, Bath, and Beyond. Further, Liz’ Instagram shows that she is now involved with a non-profit group called Mother’s without Borders.

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