Controlled Chaos Curl Creme Update | Shark Tank Season 7

Curly hair can be a pain to manage, and some products just don’t work right. Entrepreneurs Maureen Emerson and Alanna York developed their curl creme, Controlled Chaos, in response to other products on the market jut not cutting it. What will the sharks think of this ‘miracle’ curl creme on Shark Tank Season 7? Find out in our Controlled Chaos update and recap.

Shark Tank Controlled Chaos Update

Controlled Chaos Update

  • Entrepreneurs: Maureen Emerson and Alanna York
  • Business: Curl creme and other hair products for curly hair
  • Ask: $50,000 for 20% equity
  • Result: $60,000 for 50% equity
  • Shark: Lori Greiner

Maureen and Alanna’s pitch began with the struggles of having curly hair. They explained how some products could turn curls crinkly and stiff, while their cream leaves curls soft. Controlled Chaos had $300,000 in sales so far, mostly in hair salons. In the year before filming, they had $85,000 in sales.

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Alanna revealed that they stopped selling and advertising because they ran out of money for inventory. While she felt that she was awesome at business, Mark Cuban disagrees vocally. The sharks, for the most part, were confused about the business and what Alanna is trying to do with it. 

She had a deal for a PO with a national distributor, but they wanted her to change the packaging. Alanna explained that this is what she needed the money for. She believed in her product, but Mark went out – he didn’t want to invest in belief. 

Kevin offered $50,000 for 50% but didn’t want anything to do with the other products besides the curl creme. Lori Greiner, on the other hand, offered $51,000 for 50%. Barbara Corcoran entered the bidding war with $50,000 for 51% equity with only 33% share of the profits. 

In response, Lori changed her offer to $60,000 for 50% equity, with the promise to move a lot of products quickly. Robert Herjavec goes out. Alanna told Lori that she’d been on QVC in her head for years, so she accepts the offer. Let’s find out what happened to the company in our Controlled Chaos update.

Our Controlled Chaos update revealed that the deal with Lori never closed. However, it’s still great news for the company.

Following the episode, the company sold more units than ever before. They’ve now hired additional employees and purchased an independent distribution facility. Controlled Chaos has about $3.5 million in annual revenue. 

You can find Controlled Chaos hair products on Amazon as well as on its website.

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