Nubrella Umbrella Update | Shark Tank Season 1

Ordinary umbrellas will oftentimes break in bad weather. That’s why Alan Kaufman created an umbrella that he says is impossible to invert, protects from rain and wind chill, and can even be used hands-free. Will he earn a deal on Shark Tank Season 1? Find out in our Nubrella update!

Shark Tank Nubrella Update

Nubrella Update

  • Entrepreneur: Alan Kaufman
  • Business: Hands-free umbrella that protects against wind chill
  • Ask: $200,000 for 25% equity
  • Result: $200,000 for 51% equity
  • Shark: Daymond John and Kevin Harrington

Alan entered Shark Tank Season 1 and immediately showed off his product, the Nubrella. The sharks laughed at its appearance, but were interested in the benefits of the Nubrella.

Alan told them that the product had sold 3,000 units just through word of mouth.

He stated that he’d recently changed manufacturers, which brought the price per unit down to $29 from $49. Each unit cost $14 to make.

Barbara Corcoran was interested in the weight of the Nubrella, and Robert Herjavec wanted to know whether it stayed on during cycling, which it did.

Daymond John asked about a patent, and Alan said he had a US patent and patents pending around the world.

Barbara thought it was too much of a sports product, so she went out followed by Robert. 

Kevin Harrington was interested in the unique concept of the product, and offered $200,000 for 65% equity. Kevin O’Leary went out stating he couldn’t compete with the other Kevin. 

Alan declined Kevin H.’s offer and said he could only go as high as 35% equity.

Daymond offered to join in with Kevin H. for $200,000 at 60% equity.

Alan said he wanted their expertise, but that the equity was too high. He countered with 50%.

They countered with a 51% controlling stake in the company. 

Alan accepted their offer and walked out of Shark Tank Season 1 with a two-shark deal. How do you think the company fared after that? Keep reading our Nubrella update to find out!

Our Nubrella update reveals that the deal with the sharks never happened. Kevin backed out, and Daymond couldn’t leverage enough on his side.

Despite this setback, the company is still in business. It has since been rebranded as Canope, and is enjoying a resurgence. The website is currently down, but the product is available on Amazon.

We will keep you posted if we get any more Nubrella updates.

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