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Every year, more than 6 billion pounds of produce is tossed out for being “ugly”. There’s nothing wrong with the product itself, but it wouldn’t fit on grocery store shelves. Food waste is a huge problem, especially with so many Americans unsure where their next meal is coming from. Evan Lutz found a solution. His weekly grocery delivery service, Hungry Harvest, is affordable and makes a difference. Will the sharks see the value in this cause-driven company on Shark Tank Season 7? Find out in our Hungry Harvest update and recap.

Shark Tank Hungry Harvest Update

Hungry Harvest Update

  • Entrepreneur: Evan Lutz
  • Business: Ugly produce delivery service to reduce food waste
  • Ask: $50,000 for 5% equity
  • Result: $100,000 for 10% equity
  • Shark: Robert Herjavec

Evan’s pitch began with an at-home segment in Boston, where he explained that the poverty around him impacted his worldview. He was shocked to learn about the volume of food waste that took place every year and wanted to do his best to solve the problem with his company Hungry Harvest. 

When he came into the tank, he told the sharks all about the ‘pretty’ fruits and vegetables lined up on grocery store shelves. The ones that didn’t fit in got discarded, which produced a lot of food waste. Hungry Harvest sent this “ugly” produce to hungry families and offered low-cost weekly subscriptions for bags of produce. 

There were three size options available, ranging from $15 to $35 per week. Sales for the first 6 months were $37,000, but in the four months before filming, he had $100,000 in sales. There were 500 active users with subscriptions. Still, the company wasn’t profitable yet. 

When the sharks weighed in, they all liked the idea. However, Barbara Corcoran wanted more profits before charity. Hungry Harvest donated 5,000 pounds of produce each month in addition to the subscription bags, and Barbara wanted him to do that after profits.

Robert Herjavec, on the other hand, was interested. He offered $100,000 for 10% equity with the promise of helping run the business. When Evan said he wanted to hear other offers, Robert was flabbergasted. 

Though Evan wanted to listen to Kevin and Lori, Robert told him that he wanted an answer or the deal would be off the table. Evan decided to take Robert’s offer! Let’s check out our Hungry Harvest update to see where the company is now.

It’s good news for Hungry Harvest! The deal with Robert closed, and Hungry Harvest expanded to multiple different markets across the US. During the pandemic, business was booming, which caused Evan to take out more funds from venture capitalists.

Our Hungry Harvest update research revealed annual revenue of about $4 million for the company. Learn more about the company at the Hungry Harvest website

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