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Father Figure Paternity Clothes Update | Shark Tank Season 9

Father Figure founder Andrew Bentley found a need for paternity clothes once his baby was born. When being left alone with his newborn for the first time, he could not find a burp rag when he needed it. He felt there was a need for clothing for new dads who take care of their young children. He came into Shark Tank seeking $80,000 for 15% equity in his company. Will the sharks think there is a need for paternity clothes or this is just a niche product no one will buy? Read on to find out more in this Father Figure update.

Shark Tank Father Figure Update

Father Figure Update

  • Entrepreneur: Andrew Bentley
  • Business: Paternity clothing for new dads
  • Ask: $80,000 for 15% equity
  • Result: No offers
  • Shark: N/A

Andrew had been laughed at for saying he needed paternity clothes, but he felt this was something that was really needed. After designing clothing, he made some samples that he was able to sell as a proof of concept, showing that there were others who wanted this product as well. He believed in his product so much, that he quit his job at Google to focus on it full-time.

The clothing comes with loops for burp rags, soft patches for holding the little ones, and necklines that won’t stretch as well as t-shirts and bandanas.

Lori Greiner felt the product should be more of a toolbelt instead of a clothing line and dropped out. Mark Cuban didn’t think it was a product anyone would feel like they absolutely needed and dropped out. Kevin O’Leary hated the product and made sure Andrew knew it wasn’t a product he could picture any success with and dropped out.

While Andrew made it clear he wanted to work with Daymond John, Daymond felt it was too early and dropped out. Guest shark, Sara Blakely remained, but felt she couldn’t add anything to this product and dropped out as well. This left Father Figure without any offers and Andrew left the tank empty-handed.

At the time of this Father Figure update, it is difficult to find anything about the company. They shut down in 2019, and there are no products still available for sale. Their Instagram page hasn’t been updated since 2018 when the show aired. Unfortunately, the link to their website from the Instagram page is broken, leaving very little remaining evidence that this company existed.

Unfortunately, it looks like this will be our final Father Figure update.

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