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CaddySwag Golf Bag Cooler Update | Shark Tank Season 2

Are you a casual golf fan, looking to have some fun on the green? If so, then Melissa and Ben Fossey have created just the thing for you! Their cooler is specifically designed for golf bags, so you can enjoy cold beverages while out on the course. Will they get a deal on Shark Tank Season 2? Find out in our CaddySwag update!

Shark Tank CaddySwag Update

CaddySwag update

  • Entrepreneur: Melissa and Ben Fossey
  • Business: Cooler designed for golf bags
  • Ask: $60,000 for 20% equity
  • Result: No deal
  • Shark: None

Melissa and Ben bring their company, CaddySwag, to Shark Tank Season 2, Episode 6. They ride into the tank on a golf cart, and introduce the sharks to their product, the Par 6. 

Caddy Swag Golf Bag Cooler Beer Sleeve 6 Can - Fun Golf Gifts for Men & Women - Golf Cart Cooler for Drinks, Food, General Use - Great for Golf Bag Accessories for Men, Beer Sleeve for Cans, and M...

AS SEEN ON SHARK TANK: This golf beer sleeve is the perfect accessory for quenching your thirst with a cold one on the green. Say no to spending a fortune on in-house beverages and keep your drinks ice cold!

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The Par 6 is basically a cooler bag, that fits inside the shoe compartment of a golf bag. Because beverages can be very expensive at the golf course, this product was made to help you save money.

It also comes with reusable ice packs, and holds 6, 12 ounce cans. Additionally, it will keep them cold for all 18 holes, guaranteed.

The couple finally pass out samples to the sharks. They even give them a Shark Tank version of the cooler.

Kevin Harrington wants to know if golf courses frown upon bringing drinks in. Ben replies that while some do, others don’t really mind at all.

At the time of the pitch, sales for CaddySwag are just $15,000 a year. That said, the couple say they haven’t invested in advertising, although sales have just been word-of-mouth.

Further, the coolers are sold in a 2-pack, for $19.99.

Daymond John goes out immediately, mostly because golf isn’t his thing.

While Robert Herjavec does like golf, he says he doesn’t know of any such golf club that allows customers to bring in their own drinks. For this reason, he is also out.

Next, Kevin H. wants to know how the money would be used. Ben says it would go toward inventory.

They would start by buying 10,000 units at $3 a piece. The higher order count, would basically help to lower the cost.

They would then eventually use the rest of the money for advertising, to help turn over the product.

Kevin H. is the next shark out. He doesn’t think the coolers are all that unique of a product.

Barbara Corcoran follows out. She doesn’t think there would be much of a demand for the product.

Last but not least, Kevin O’Leary implies that CaddySwag isn’t investable as a company. So, he is the last shark out.

With that, Melissa and Ben are forced to leave Shark Tank without a deal.

What happened following the show? Keep reading our CaddySwag update to find out!

Our CaddySwag update reveals that the sharks were actually in the wrong on this one. The company, headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, has grown since its time on Shark Tank, and continues to operate online.

It has an annual revenue of around $1 million. That’s a long way from where this company started!

You can find the CaddySwag products on the CaddySwag website, but also on Amazon. Some good news for golfers, they have a new 2023 model of their cooler.

The new and improved version, can hold 6 – 16 oz cans, or 7 seltzer cans, 6 – 12 oz cans, or 2 bottles of wine.

This provides endless options for the golf course, and customers everywhere seem to be loving this product!

If we learn anything new about this company, we’ll be sure to let you know! In the meantime, if you’d like to learn about the other companies featured on Shark Tank Season 2, Episode 6, follow the links below!

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