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Best friends and business partners, Kelly Nova and Ilana Karcinski, pitched their pet service during Shark Tank Season 15. FairTail Pet Care offers to be your dog’s plus one at your wedding. They take care of everything, so you don’t have to worry about your four-legged family member on your special day. Will they get a deal? Find out in our FairyTail Pet Care update.

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick overview of what happened to FairyTail Pet Care after Shark Tank!

Kelly Nova and Illana Karcinski appeared on Shark Tank Season 15 and made a deal with Barbara Corcoran for $75,000 for 22% equity. In terms of a FairyTail Pet Care update the company is still in business and received a nice boost in sales after appearing on Shark Tank.  At the time of this writing, the company still has 4 locations, with prices and services varying at each one.

Shark: Result:
Barbara Corcoran Accepted deal for $75,000 for 22% equity
Kevin O’Leary $75,000 for 33.3% equity
Robert Herjavec No offer
Lori Greiner No offer
Mark Cuban No offer

Shark Tank FairyTail Pet Care Update

FairyTail Pet Care update

  • Entrepreneurs: Kelly Nova and Ilana Karcinski
  • Business: Pet care for weddings
  • Ask: $75,000 for 10% equity
  • Result: $75,000 for 22% equity
  • Shark: Barbara Corcoran

The founders of FairyTail Pet Care, Kelly and Illana, pitch their business with the help of some adorable dogs. Their wedding service takes care of every detail for your dog on your special day, so that they can be a part of your wedding, but you won’t have to worry about their care.

They handle all of the logistics, like round-trip transportation, attire rentals, walking the dog, and everything else that you could possibly come up with. They take care of it all. The goal is to remove the stress from a bride and groom who wants to involve their pet in their ceremony.

Their services come with a 3-hour minimum requirement, which starts at $600 for 1 dog. Then, each additional hour costs $100.

FairyTail Pet Care is headquartered in Tampa, Florida, however, 1 year prior to filming, they opened their first franchise. As far as that cost goes, it costs $12,500 to open a franchise, plus Kelly and Illana recoup 9% of gross sales.

Further, to date, they have 4 locations up and running. In terms of their own sales in the past year, they had $123,000 in sales, with a 70% margin in netted profits.

Additionally, they’ve netted about $80,000 from the franchises combined, in the past year.

Kevin O’Leary chimes in, wanting to know how customers find them. The ladies say they do their advertising through social media and have a huge following on TikTok.

Robert Herjavec goes out. Although he loved having his dog at his own wedding, he doesn’t think the business is investable.

Likewise, Lori Greiner says the company isn’t big enough for her to get involved in. She likes to be able to grow business in a big way, and she doesn’t see it with this, so she is also out.

Mark Cuban loves the concept, but unfortunately for the ladies, he doesn’t see the business as being scalable. Furthermore, no matter how many weddings and franchises the company gets, he still doesn’t think it will be investible, so he is out next.

At this point, Ilana quickly points out that they are a mission-driven company. As a company, they make it a point to give back to help shelter animals.

Barbara Corcoran likes what she’s heard. She offers $75,000 for 25% equity of FairyTail Pet Care.

Then, Kevin offers $75,000 for 33.3% equity.

Kelly and Ilana decide to counter Barbara, and they ask her to drop her equity down to 15%, but she says no. Not ready to give up, they counter her again at 20%.

She says no, but she will do the deal for 22% equity, and the ladies accept. With that, they leave Shark Tank with a deal and Barbra on their side.

Will things continue to go well following Shark Tank? Keep reading our FairyTail Pet Care update!

In terms of a FairyTail Pet Care update, the company received a nice boost in sales after appearing on Shark Tank. Further, the boost in marketing will likely carry over to future wedding seasons.

A quick look at the FairyTail Pet Care website revealed that as of now, the company still runs just four locations. The main hub is in Tampa Bay, Florida.

Their franchise locations are in West Palm Beach Florida, Las Vegas, Nevada, and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

We also found that depending on the location, prices and services vary.  As we get more news on a FairyTail Pet Care update, we will let you know!

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