Blinger Hair Tool Update | Shark Tank Season 15

Entrepreneurs Angie and Cambria Cella pitched their hair tool during Shark Tank Season 15. Blinger allows you to easily add some sparkle to your hair in a fun way! Will she get a bling-sized deal for her company? Find out in our Blinger update and pitch recap!

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick overview of what happened to Blinger after Shark Tank!

Angie and Cambria appeared on Shark Tank Season 15 and got a deal with Barbara Corcoran for $200,000 for 25% equity. Regarding a Blinger update, the company is still in business and selling thousands of units a month with the help of celebrity attention. Products are available on Amazon and on the company website.

Shark: Result:
Barbara Corcoran Accepted deal for $200,000 for 25% equity, plus purchase orders funded
Kevin O’Leary No offer
Lori Greiner No offer
Robert Herjavec No offer
Barbara Corcoran No offer

Shark Tank Blinger Update

Blinger update

  • Entrepreneurs: Angie and Cambria Cella
  • Business: Hair tool
  • Ask: $200,000 for 5% equity
  • Result:$200,000 for 25% equity, plus all purchase orders funded
  • Shark: Barbara Corcoran

Angie says that the idea for her product and business, Blinger, actually came to her in a dream when God told her to make the product. So, she turned her dream into a reality when she invented the Blinger.

Bling in, Brush Out
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This innovative hair tool lets you easily and effortlessly attach crystals, pearls, and other gems to your hair. It doesn’t use heat, which means that there’s no hair damage!

To use your Blinger, you simply load your jewel cartridges into the Blinger, place it around the hair, and squeeze.

The jets’ underside uses a medical grade, skin, and hair-safe adhesive. This product is popular for dance competitions, proms, weddings, or just for fun.

They carry two Blingers models, one for girls and the other for women. The girl’s model is pink, while the woman’s model is black.

The women’s model also comes with Swarovski crystals and retails for $49. While the girl’s kit comes with fake crystals and retails for $29.99.

It took Angie five years to make a prototype of the product because she had to go through several different engineering firms. During those trying years, she was a single mom of four kids, but she challenged herself to learn everything that she could about manufacturing.

She also ran into some roadblocks finding investors. Additionally, she had $1.7 million in debt, so she couldn’t get any loans either.

At that point, she got her kids together, and as a family, they decided to sell their home so that Angie could build the tooling to make the Blinger herself. They moved into an apartment to help make that happen.

That turned out to be a great move because she eventually got it made and set up a booth at the Dallas Toy Convention, where it was a huge hit! She got an offer from a toy company and made a licensing deal.

That company went on to make $20 million in sales, which changed her family’s life. Unfortunately, her product was eventually knocked off, and she decided to break the licensing deal with the toy company.

Sales so far in the year of filming are $1,640,000, and they project they will close the year at $4.2 million in sales and profit $1.5 million.

When asked what Angie wants a shark for, she explains that she isn’t great at business. She needs guidance.

Kevin O’Leary is the first to bow out, but first, he suggests that Angie hire an operations manager.

Mark Cuban doesn’t think that Angie is even in a position to accept an investor, especially after she admits that she has $2.5 million tied up in inventory. He eventually drops out.

Barbara Corcoran offers $200,000 for 25% equity, contingent on letting Barbara rework her business plan.

Robert Herjavec drops out next but first encourages her to take the deal with Barbara or risk failing.

Lori Greiner thinks the product is incredible but also thinks Barbara is the right shark for them. She ultimately drops out, too.

Angie counters Barbara with $200,000 for 20% equity, plus funding her purchase orders. Barbara says she will fund whatever she needs, but she’s sticking at 25%.

Angie quickly accepts the deal. Keep reading our Blinger update to find out what happens next!

We have great news to share in our Blinger update! It turns out that the company continues to grow, and they’re even getting some celebrity shout outs!

Blinger has been worn by Serena Williams, Sheryl Lee Ralph, Pink, Alicia Keys and many more!

After airing on Shark Tank, Blinger received a big boost in sales. While we don’t have exact revenue numbers, they sell over 2,000 units a month on Amazon.

We haven’t been able to confirm if the deal with Barbara when through yet, but if it does, that will be a huge help for Angie. Barbara will be able to help her get the business structure straightened out and bring in some key team members to take Blinger to even greater heights.

If you’d like to purchase a Blinger, products are available on Amazon and through the Blinger website!

Once the dust settles, we will circle back for another Blinger update to see what Angie is up to.

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