ARKEG Arcade & Keg Cabinet Update | Season 4

Dan Grimm and Brant Myers created  an arcade cabinet and kegerator hybrid. Will their product earn them a deal on Shark Tank Season 4? Find out in our ARKEG update!

Shark Tank ARKEG Update

ARKEG Update

  • Entrepreneurs: Dan Grimm and Brant Myers
  • Business: Arcade cabinet, kegerator hybrid
  • Ask: $100,000 for 35% equity
  • Result: No deal
  • Shark: None

Longtime best buds Dan and Brant brought their invention to the tank– an arcade cabinet that also served as a kegerator and tap for fresh beer. Although the two lauded their invention as possibly the greatest of all time, Mark Cuban rolled his eyes and went out immediately.

Kevin O’Leary too felt that the pitch could not be serious. Robert Herjavec asked how much the massive product was selling for and if there were any sales. Dan and Brant said it retailed for $4,000, and they had sold 20 units in the 2 years of operation.

The sharks were in disbelief, but Daymond John broke the tension by asking if he could come up and pour himself a beer. Dan and Brant obliged the shark’s request, also pouring Kevin and Lori Greiner a glass of wine while they were at it.

Unfortunately, the booze didn’t loosen the sharks’ purse strings. Lori was next to go out, calling the ARKEG a “gimmick” that she couldn’t see herself investing in. Robert too went out, telling the two buddies that selling only 20 units over the span of 2 years should be alarming to them.

Daymond was equally unenthused. In his opinion, folks were pivoting to play games on their phones and tablets, and arcade cabinets were now “dinosaurs” by his measure. For this reason, he was out.

Kevin, now the last shark in the tank, told them that the wine was actually quite good. Unfortunately for the ARKEG founders, however, Kevin felt their product was really just a “high-end refrigerator” and he couldn’t see a real market for it. With that, he was out.

Did Dan and Brant defy the odds, with their product taking off after the tank? Keep reading our ARKEG update to find out!

Unfortunately, by May 2015, Dan and Brant were looking to unload the company in its entirety, and eventually sold it off for $11,500. While Dan and Brant are out of the picture now, ARKEG can be purchased on the Uncrate website. It’s unclear if the product has been profitable for its new parent company or if it remains, for the most part, unsuccessful. Either way, this will be our final ARKEG update.

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