Addison’s Wonderland Bedroom Decor Update | Season 4

Friends and business partners Brooke Bryant and Brittany Hayes have created a high-end line of children’s bedroom decor. Will it earn them a deal on Shark Tank Season 4? Find out in our Addison’s Wonderland update!

Shark Tank Addison’s Wonderland Update

Addison's Wonderland Update

  • Entrepreneurs: Brooke Bryand and Brittany Hayes
  • Business: Elevated decor for children’s bedroom
  • Ask: $90,000 for 20% equity
  • Result: No deal
  • Shark: None

When Georgia-based mother Brittany wanted to outfit her daughter’s room with upscale bedding, pillows, curtains, and window treatments, she found the market sorely lacking. That’s when she recruited her friend Brooke, and they created Addison’s Wonderland, which sought to provide elegant and exquisite alternatives to the cheap stuff on the market already.

Robert Herjavec asked more about the product line, and discovered the sample set displayed during the pitch retailed for a whopping $1,400. Daymond John wondered if they had any sales with a price point so high, and Brittany shared that they had sold $130,000 in the last year with an average order size of $800 and $1,200 per customer.

Robert still could not get over the high price, and Lori Greiner spoke up to echo the same sentiments. Brooke and Brittany said that their market research revealed that dropping the cost 30% would give them access to a broader market, but they’d need to secure better manufacturing in order to get there.

Kevin O’Leary surprisingly said that they probably don’t need to scale, but Lori disagreed. She  said Addison’s Wonderland wouldn’t survive without scaling, but Mark Cuban shockingly defended Kevin and said Addison’s Wonderland was too niche to make it big.

At this juncture, Brittany and Brooke said they were also looking to get into some wholesale boutiques to bring the product into retail, as they currently mostly sold direct-to-consumer online. Kevin was against this, stating wholesale was a totally different business and the wholesalers would be eating 50% of her margins before long.

Brittany spoke up here to reveal her background, as she didn’t want anyone assuming she was a simple Georgia mother who sews in her spare time. She said she and her husband started a granite company while they were in college, and began earning $2.25 million in annual revenue within three years of operation. Robert asked what happened to the business, and Brittany said that it was still active, mostly operated by her husband.

Robert then said the two were on the right track, but it wasn’t a market he understood and he also disagreed with their strategy to take it to wholesalers. For these reasons, he was out. Lori was next to go. She too felt Brooke and Brittany were on the right track, but she preferred products that were more accessible for everyone.

Daymond went out too, simply stating he would be of no help and they didn’t need him. Kevin was next to go out, applauding their demeanor and drive before bluntly stating he could create a knockoff and sell it for considerably less money and probably enjoy similar or greater success. For this reason, he was out.

Mark, on the other hand, grappled with the decision. He said his wife and kids would love it, but he always wanted an assurance he’d get a return on his time. Mark paused for a long time as Brooke and Brittany tried selling him but, unfortunately for them, he eventually decided he would not invest. With that, the pitch concluded.

No shark wanted to go down the rabbit hole with Brooke and Brittany, but how are they doing today? Keep reading our Addison’s Wonderland update to find out!

Research for our Addison’s Wonderland update revealed that in 2014, the company ceased to sell products for a time, while the website remained active as an interior design blog written by Brittany. By 2019, she was working for HGTV DreamHome, and her work would be featured in HGTV Magazine, Better Homes & Gardens, and by several other well known publications. In 2019, she opened Addison’s Wonderland in Monroe, Georgia, and as of December 2022, estimated annual revenue is $1 million.

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