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Ionic Ear came onto Shark Tank during the premiere episode with the hopes of earning an investment of $1 million for 15% equity. Darrin Johnson was committed to his company idea and had hopes of convincing the sharks of making their investment. Let’s see how it went before we give you the Ionic Ear update.

Shark Tank Ionic Ear Update

Shark Tank Ionic Ear Update

  • Entrepreneurs:  Darrin Johnson 
  • Business: Implanted Ionic Ear (Bluetooth) 
  • Ask: $1,000,000 for 15% equity.
  • Result:  No deal.
  • Sharks:  None.

The sharks quickly learned that Ionic Ear was a surgery-based concept that related to bluetooth technology. The goal was to prevent bluetooth devices from falling off of the ear.

The solution that Darrin and Ionic Ear would solve would be by surgically implanting a bluetooth device into the depths of the ear. While this concept seemed technologically advanced, the sharks had doubts that anyone would ever complete this surgery.

The idea was so extreme that the sharks blasted it fairly quickly. Ionic Ear received horrible feedback from the sharks and Darrin Johnson had almost no ability to counter the sharks’ opinion.

This sort of surgery would not likely be accepted by a large percentage of the public community and it’s not surprising to see why the sharks passed up on making a whopping $1 million investment in this concept. 

Despite the negative feedback, Darrin initially seemed committed to growing the idea of this type of technology.

There is very little information available to even provide an Ionic Ear update. The truth is that Darrin Johnson likely scrapped the idea after receiving negative feedback from the sharks.

Since the pitch, there are many great alternatives to wearable bluetooth headsets that are nowhere near as extreme as a surgically implanted bluetooth device in the depth of an ear.

Affordable products like airpods, wireless headphones, and headsets have all been developed in the years since this episode aired. 

It looks like this will be our final Ionic Ear update.

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