Peekaboo Organics Vegetable Ice Cream Update | Season 12

It can be hard to eat a healthy amount of veggies, and even harder to get kids to do the same. Luckily, Jessica Weiss Levison has created an ice cream line that hides veggies inside. Will she get a surprise deal on Shark Tank Season 12? Find out in our Peekaboo Organics update!

Shark Tank Peekaboo Organics Update

Peekaboo Organics Update

  • Entrepreneur: Jessica Weiss Levison
  • Business: Ice cream with hidden vegetables
  • Ask: $800,000 for 8% equity
  • Result: No Deal
  • Shark: None

Jessica’s company, Peekaboo Organics, is an indulgent ice cream brand made with vegetables. While the ice cream itself isn’t healthy, the added vegetables help its consumers get in some healthy foods, with their guilty pleasure.

After a blind taste test, all of the sharks agreed that the product was great, and the vegetables couldn’t be tasted. However, this is where the positive news ended for Jessica.

Unfortunately, they were not pleased with her $10 million valuation. This was especially true because she only had $450,000 in sales in just over a year.

However, Jessica defended her numbers. She said that she was expecting to do $5 million in sales over the next year, as it would be in over 3,000 stores.

Despite the tough pitch, Jessica found herself with an offer from Lori Greiner and Kevin O’Leary.

Lori Greiner offered $800,000 as a loan at 6% interest over the next three years, plus 5% equity contingent on the fact that she creates a low-fat and low-carb version.

On the flip side, Kevin offered $800,000 as a loan at 9% interest over the next three years, plus 8% equity with no contingency. Jessica shared that she wasn’t interested in a loan.

Additionally, she was looking for a strategic partner to help guide Peekaboo Organics into the coming years. Despite her efforts to sway the sharks in a different direction, they weren’t willing to change their offers.

Because Jessica didn’t lock in a deal, she left Shark Tank Season 12 without a deal. Keep reading our Peekaboo Organics update to find out what happened next.

We unfortunately have some concerning news to share in our Peekaboo Organics update. A look at the company website reveals that products are out of stock, with no mention of when they will be available again.

Then, when checking out their Instagram account, it appears that they haven’t updated it in well over a year.

While things were looking good for the company in 2021, with a reported annual revenue of $3 million, it looks like they may have closed their doors sometime after.

If we get any more news on a Peekaboo Organics update, we will be sure to let you know!

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