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The ReThink anti-cyberbullying app appeared on Shark Tank on September 23, 2016. Founder Trisha Prabhu left the tank with a deal from Mark Cuban and Lori Greiner of $100,000 for 20% equity. Here’s a quick recap of everything that happened during the anti-cyberbullying app pitch as well as news on a ReThink update after Shark Tank.

ReThink Update After Shark Tank

ReThink Update Shark Tank

  • Entrepreneur: Trisha Prabhu
  • Business: Anti-cyberbullying app
  • Ask: $100,000 for 20% equity
  • Result: $100,000 for 20% equity
  • Shark: Mark Cuban and Lori Greiner

Trisha Prabhu pitched her anti-cyberbullying app and software to the sharks on Shark Tank Season 8 Episode 1. ReThink is software that is designed to make users think twice before sending a potentially rude or harmful message online. Essentially, if the software thinks a hurtful message is about to be sent, a message will pop up asking the user if they want to rethink it before pressing send.

Prior to appearing on Shark Tank, ReThink had earned $52,000 and had garnered 128,000 app downloads in the previous nine months. Trisha said her company is targeting educators and parents who want to make sure their students and children are sending appropriate messages to their peers online. Further, Trisha said she had been approached by T-Mobile Europe about adding the software to its phones.

Lori Grenier, who said she felt passionate about the cause, offered Trisha exactly what she came into the tank asking for, and asked Mark Cuban if he’d like to join in. Daymond John also made Trisha an offer but asked for $100,000 for 30% equity. ReThink left Shark Tank with a $100,000 for a 20% equity deal from Mark Cuban and Lori Greiner.

In terms of a ReThink update after Shark Tank, as of 2020 it is still in business and is partnering with teachers, students, parents, and law enforcement to help prevent cyberbullying. Additionally, the app is still available for download on the Play and App Store.

As for Trisha, her website states that she is currently enrolled at Harvard University to receive her undergraduate degree. She is set to graduate in 2022.

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