Guardian Bikes Update | Shark Tank Season 8

Brian Riley and Kyle Jansen of Guardian Bikes were the last to enter the Shark Tank  Season 8 Episode 21. The two sought a $500,000 investment in exchange for 10% equity for their children’s bike business. They ultimately made a deal with Mark Cuban for a higher equity ask of 15%. You might be curious to find out what went on inside the Shark Tank, which is exactly why we’re here for a Guardian Bikes update and pitch recap.

Shark Tank Guardian Bikes Update

Guardian Bikes Update

  • Entrepreneur: Brian Riley and Kyle Jansen
  • Business: World’s safest children’s bike
  • Ask: $500,000 for 10% equity
  • Result: $500,000 for 15% with contingency
  • Shark: Mark Cuban

Brian Riley and Kyle Jansen believe their company, Guardian Bikes, has the world’s safest children’s bikes. These bicycles make use of technologies such as a revolutionary braking system, SureStop. At the time of their presentation, Guardians Bikes had sold seven different children’s bikes that consider the heights and riding style of the children riding on them.

Once their opening presentation was over, Kevin O’Leary did not waste any time. He immediately asked why they launched a bike company instead of a technology company. Guest shark Chris Sacca then referred to their technology as a “genius solution.” The two explained that they do plan on licensing the technology in the future.

However, Kevin was worried about how they were going to distribute the products. Barbara Corcoran thought that the two needed someone to help them sell more, so she went out.

Mark Cuban one-upped everyone’s thoughts and called out the company’s marketing and PR strategy, saying that it “sucks.”

Soon after, Kevin was the first to throw an offer of $500,000 for 20%. However, while Kevin was talking about what the two needed to do, they weren’t very receptive. Because they weren’t really negotiating with him, Kevin decided to pull his offer and bow out of the deal.

Chris and Lori Greiner followed, which left Mark as the lone shark.

Fortunately for Brian and Kyle, Mark wasn’t feeling sharky that day. He decided to offer them $500,000 for 15% equity, but with a contingency. They needed to hit sales projects and hire someone better to do their PR for them. The three came to an agreement and a deal was struck.

When they made their pitch on Shark Tank, Guardian Bikes was selling $350,000 worth of product by month 12 of business. Since then, things have changed. Because of the help provided by Mark’s cash and expertise, Guardian Bikes sales of increased tremendously. Not only that, but they have partnered with distributors to make Guardian Bikes available in several stores across North America.

As of March 2022, Guardian Bikes remains operational and profitable. The website now also comes with a handy tool to make it easier to find the right bike size for your child.

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