Beyond Sushi Vegan Restaurant Update | Shark Tank Season 10

Entrepreneur Guy Vaknin, pitched his sushi company during Shark Tank Season 10. Beyond Sushi isn’t your average sushi however, it’s actually all vegan. Will the sharks be intrigued by this not so fishy deal? Find out in our Beyond Sushi update!

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick overview of what happened to Beyond Sushi after Shark Tank!

Guy Vaknin appeared on Shark Tank Season 10, and made a deal with guest shark Matt Higgins, and Lori Greiner. In terms of a Beyond Sushi update, the company is still in business. They’re also thriving, bringing in closer to $5 million in annual revenue.

Shark: Result:
Lori Greiner & Matt Higgins $1,500,000 for 30% equity (West) + 15% equity (East)
Kevin O’Leary No offer
Daymond John No offer
Mark Cuban No offer

Shark Tank Beyond Sushi Update

Beyond Sushi update

  • Entrepreneurs: Guy Vaknin
  • Business: Healthy Sushi Alternative
  • Ask: $1,500,000 for 25% equity (West) + 5% equity (East)
  • Result: $1,500,000 for 30% equity (West) + 15% equity (East)
  • Shark:  Matt Higgins and Lori Greiner

Chef Guy Vaknin, founder of Beyond Sushi, brought his company to Shark Tank Season 10 Episode 3, and gave the sharks a new way to think about the popular food category.

Beyond Sushi takes a new approach to traditional sushi, by using vegetables, fruits, and whole grains, to create unique flavor profiles. As a vegan chef, Guy also prides himself in avoiding fake meats.

In addition to sushi rolls, the restaurant, which is 100% plant-based, also makes wraps, salads, and dumplings. Guy also calls himself one of the pioneers in the vegan sushi movement.

The chef then passed out samples of his best sellers, which included his Mighty Mushroom Roll, The Sunny Side.

In terms of cost, a roll, which includes 8 pieces, costs Guy $1.50 to make. He then retails it for $7.50.

Guy started discussing each of his locations that he has open for his unique sushi business. He mentioned that he currently has six different locations at the time of making his Shark Tank pitch, starting back in 2012.

He told the sharks that his largest locations are capable of doing $2,000,000 in sales annually, while his smaller locations can do $600,000 to $1,000,000 annually. His plans to expand to the West Coast complicated some of his financial numbers and ultimately put his company $300,000 into the negative for the previous year.

After hearing some of the financial sales numbers and unit costs of his business, Daymond John decided to drop out, because he didn’t understand enough of the logistical aspects of the restaurant industry.

Kevin O’Leary decided to drop out as well, except for a completely different reason. Kevin ultimately believed the valuation was way too high, and he couldn’t see it as an investable company.

Unfortunately for Guy, he was running out of sharks. Mark Cuban would also drop out for a similar reason to Kevin, primarily because he didn’t see a return on investment by providing cash for Beyond Sushi.

However, guest shark Matt Higgins definitely seemed interested in providing Beyond Sushi with an offer. That said, he first verbalized his concerns about the equity misalignment, between the operations on the East Coast and West Coast.

Likewise, Lori Greiner wanted a piece of the action, and she eventually teamed up with Matt to make an offer. Together, the two sharks offered $1,500,000 for 15% equity on the East Coast, and 30% equity on the West Coast.

After a few moments to think about it, Guy finally decided to accept Matt and Lori’s offer. Now let’s look at our Beyond Sushi update to find out what happened following Shark Tank!

Unfortunately in our Beyond Sushi update research, we found out that Guy never finalized the deal with Lori and Matt, ultimately deciding to pause his plans on the West Coast expansion.

The reasoning for canceling the deal isn’t completely clear, but he continues to experience a ton of success in New York City, where he maintains 3 locations, and makes almost $5 million in yearly revenue.

In 2022, Guy launched a new menu, which features an assortment of new dishes that he created. To learn more, check out the Beyond Sushi menu on their website!

If we learn anything new about this company, we will certainly let you know. In the meantime, you can check out our other company updates from Season 10 Episode 3, by following the links below!

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