Jiggaerobics Dance Update | Shark Tank Season 11

Jiggaerobics is a combination of Baton Rogue’s signature ‘jigging’ dance and aerobics. LaDonte Lotts owns a traveling fitness aerobics company and wants to expand. What will the sharks think of this charismatic instructor during Season 11? Find out in our Shark Tank Jiggaerobics update.

Shark Tank Jiggaerobics Update

Jiggaerobics Update

  • Entrepreneur: LaDonte Lotts
  • Business: Traveling dance classes
  • Ask: $50,000 for 12% equity
  • Result: No deal
  • Shark: None

LaDonte Lotts was full of energy and charisma for his pitch. He got the sharks up to dance with him on the carpet, which they loved. His business used a traveling class model, with a low entry fee per person for workouts and fun.

Jiggaerobics also made workout videos, which were available to their monthly online subscribers. LaDonte wanted to start certifying trainers and expanding his business. While the sharks loved LaDonte, they didn’t love the business.

Kevin O’Leary didn’t know what to do to help the business, so he went out first. This is a common problem the sharks continued to identify with this business model. Lori Greiner was next to drop out, because she thought LaDonte was really selling his personality. It was too early for her.

Daymond John also thought it was too early, so he went out as well. Barbara Corcoran didn’t think LaDonte needed the help, and that there was no room for a shark. She dropped out next.

Finally, Mark Cuban said that LaDonte himself was the product and that he didn’t need help or advice. He dropped out, and LaDonte walked away without a deal. Keep reading our Jiggaerobics update to see how the company is doing today.

Despite not making a deal on Shark Tank, Jiggaerobics is still going today. Before 2020, LaDonte performed tons of in-person classes with a lot of attendees. Since the pandemic, he was forced to switch to virtual classes. However, they were still successful and the business is going strong. You can find workouts on the Jiggaerobics website.

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