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Entrepreneur Tara Williams pitched her baby blanket company during Shark Tank Season 11. Dreamland Baby makes high-quality sleeping sacks, to help keep babies safe and sleeping well at night. Will the sharks dream up a deal for Tara? Find out in our Dreamland Baby update.

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick overview of what happened to Dreamland Baby after Shark Tank!

Tara Williams appeared on Shark Tank Season 11 and made a deal with Lori Greiner for $100,000 for 22.5% equity. In terms of a Dreamland Baby update, the company is still in business, but the deal with Lori never closed. Nevertheless, Tara has expanded her product line to include other baby items, and she enjoys sales of at least $10 million a year.

Shark: Result:
Lori Greiner  Accepted deal for $100,000 for 22.5% equity
Mark Cuban No offer 
Kevin O’Leary No offer
Robert Herjavec  No offer
Daniel Lubetzky No offer

Shark Tank Dreamland Baby Update

Dreamland Baby update

  • Entrepreneur: Tara Williams
  • Business: Sleeping blankets for babies
  • Ask: $100,000 for 10% equity
  • Result: $100,000 for 22.5% equity
  • Shark: Lori Greiner

Founder of Dreamland Baby, Tara Williams, happens to be a mom on a mission. After having trouble getting her newborn to fall asleep at night, she came up with a weighted blanket sleep sack, to solve this problem.

Gently Weighted Sleep Sacks
Dreamland Baby Sleep Sack

The Dreamland Baby weighted sleep sack is designed to help baby feel calm, fall asleep faster, and stay asleep longer. The gentle weight naturally reduces stress and increases relaxation through deep-pressure stimulation to give baby feelings of security and comfort. 

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These specialized sleeping blankets comfort babies, and but also help them get more rest throughout the night. In fact, Tara claims that the gentle weight naturally increases serotonin and melatonin.

This, in turn, reduces stress and increases relaxation through deep touch stimulation. The first night her newborn son wore the Dreamland Baby sleep sack, he went from waking up every 1 1/2 hours, to sleeping 12 hours straight.

The sleep sacks come in size small for 0-6 months, and size medium for 6-12 months. Further, the sack itself is filled with poly pellet beads, which are non-toxic and even food-grade.

Robert Herjavec asks what’s so special about this sleep sack when there are so many on the market. Tara says that hers is the only one with beads inside, making it weighted.

Tara goes on to share her story about how her company came to be. She says that her husband was laid off from his job of 15 years the day before her induction date with her 4th baby.

Then, two months into her maternity leave, she was also laid off. To add to that, she had a baby who would not sleep and no income and she hit her breaking point.

Soon after, the product was born, as a way to solve her own problem, but she also knew it could help other moms too. Eventually, she partnered with a clinical researcher, who helped with perfecting the design of the sleep sacks.

Tara told the sharks that she had nearly $30,000 in lifetime sales. Additionally, about $25,000 of the sales came from a crowdfunding campaign that she hosted online.

The other $5,000 came from customers online through her own website. That said, at the time of filming, her website had only been live for 3 weeks.

Further, the sacks cost between $12.20-$13.60 to manufacture, and they retail for $79.

The sharks are skeptical, and many of them drop out right after the conclusion of her pitch.

Kevin O’Leary is the first shark to drop out. He says that the business isn’t investible at this point.

Daniel Lubetzky is very inspired by Tara, and how she turned her problems around. However, he’s not the right shark for her, so he is also out.

Mark Cuban also loves Tara’s story, but he says the product is too niche and not investable. So, for those reasons, he is out.

Robert Herjavec drops out next because he doesn’t see a return on investment.

The good news is that Lori Greiner seems interested. Some discussions and negotiations go on between her and Tara before Lori ultimately offers $100,000 for 25% equity.

Soon after, Tara counters for 20%, but they eventually meet in the middle and agree to $100,000 for 22.5% equity.

Keep reading our Dreamland Baby update to find out what happened following Shark Tank!

We have really good news to share in our Dreamland Baby update. In December 2021, Tara announced that the company had reached $10 million in lifetime revenue.

“Our team has worked tirelessly to fulfill the demand for these award-winning sleep solutions,” said Tara. “We are honored to be able to bring the gift of sleep to hundreds of thousands of babies and their parents.”

During our Dreamland Baby update research, we found out that the deal with Lori never closed. It seems that Tara was able to grow the company without the help of a shark.

Products are available nationwide at Target, Nordstrom, Walmart, the Dreamland Baby website, and on Amazon. They’re also available at several small boutiques and online shops.

Over time, the company has expanded its product line to include just about anything you could need for your baby.

If we find out anything else for our Dreamland Baby update, we will let you know!

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