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There’s a representation gap in the children’s clothing market. African prints are expensive or inauthentic, so mom Temidayo Adedokun set out to make a change. Her clothing is soft, washable, and represents real prints from Africa. Which shark is ready to make a deal during Shark Tank Season 13? Find out how it all went down in our Ade + Ayo update.

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick overview of what happened to Ade + Ayo after Shark Tank!

Temidayo and Abisola Adedokun appeared on Shark Tank Season 13 and left with a deal from Barbara Corcoran for a $200,000 for 33.3% equity + $500,000 line of credit. In terms of an Ade + Ayo update, the company is still in business and has continued to grow since Shark Tank. Further, they’ve expanded product offerings on the website and are making charitable donations to support education in sub-Saharan Africa with a portion of Ade + Ayo proceeds.

Shark: Result:
Barbara Corcoran Accepted deal of $200,000 for 33.3% equity + $500,000 line of credit
Mark Cuban No Offer
Lori Greiner No Offer
Kevin O’Leary No Offer
Daymond John No Offer

Shark Tank Ade + Ayo Pitch

Shark Tank Ade + Ayo Update

  • Entrepreneurs: Temidayo and Abisola Adedokun
  • Business: Affordable African print clothing for children
  • Ask: $175,000 for 10% equity
  • Result: $200,000 for 33.3% equity + $500,000 line of credit
  • Shark: Barbara Corcoran

Entrepreneurs and parents Temidayo and Abisola Adedokun brought their children’s clothing line Ade + Ayo to Shark Tank Season 13, hoping to impress the sharks.

Ade + Ayo seeks to help children be proud of their African culture. To do this, they use prints, fabrics, and traditional toys and aesthetics to help introduce children to their rich heritage.

The sharks are definitely impressed during Temidayo’s pitch about her clothing brand. Once the sharks have the items in hand, they all remark that the clothing is soft and colorful.

Temidayo reveals that after 11 months of business, Ade + Ayo has had $160,000 in sales. Because of this, they see a huge growth potential for the future of the company.

Of course, some of the sharks aren’t sure about the current valuation. Daymond John worries about the company’s growth and how he might get his money back over time.

However, Kevin O’Leary is the first to officially go out. He said he can’t add any value to the company.

Mark Cuban is in the same boat. Clothing simply isn’t his wheelhouse, so he goes out as well.

Next, Lori Greiner doesn’t agree with what they’d do with the money, saying she might have invested if they had different goals for the funds. She goes out because she doesn’t think they need more staff.

Daymond loves the product, but the valuation amount is too much for him. Because of this, he goes out, too.

This leaves Barbara Corcoran as the last shark at the table.

She thinks they have a ton of potential, but they are underestimating what they will need to succeed. Her initial offer is $175,000 for 33.3% equity, plus a $500,000 line of credit.

Temidayo counters for $200,000 at 30% equity plus the same line of credit. However, Barbara stayed firm at 33.3%, but she agreed with the higher dollar amount.

After some indecision, Temidayo accepts the deal of $200,000 for 33.3% equity + $500,000 line of credit.

So, what has the company been up to since landing a deal with Barbara? Find out in our Ade + Ayo update.

Shark Tank Ade + Ayo Update

Our Ade + Ayo update revealed that there is so much more to this company than meets the eye!

In addition to their beautiful prints on children’s clothing, they sell matching family outfits and stuffed animals made with their fabrics (as well as crocheted). They also have baskets, nursery items, and accessories that tie in with their theme as well.

The Ade + Ayo website has close to 700 five-star reviews from happy customers singing the praises of the quality items and beautiful prints.

The company also commits to giving back in keeping with the “be kind” portion of its mission statement. More specifically, Ade + Ayo donates a portion of sales to improve the education gap in sub-Saharan Africa.

During our Ade + Ayo update research, we found that the company has been featured in Vanity Fair, the Today Show, Good Morning America, The Good Trade, and more.

All things considered, this brand is making waves and we can’t wait for our next Ade + Ayo update.

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