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Do you want to send a personal message from an elf this holiday season? If so, Tommy Holl has the solution for you. On Shark Tank Season 13’s holiday episode, he presented The Real Elf, a social media personality who specialized in live events, ‘elfies’, and other festive messages. What did the sharks think of his act? Find out in our The Real Elf update and recap.

Shark Tank The Real Elf Update

The Real Elf Update

  • Entrepreneur: Tommy Holl
  • Business: “Elf-gram” personal digital messages
  • Ask: $125,000 for 25% equity
  • Result: $50,000 in cash, $75,000 as a loan for 35% equity as long as half the sales go to a cancer charity.
  • Shark: Barbara Corcoran

The Real Elf, Tommy Holl, offered personalized digital messages, party appearances, corporate events, and more. The backbone of this business was Tommy himself. His likable personality won the sharks over, even though they were a bit confused by his business model.

The Real Elf was an entertainer with sales of around $20,000 per Christmas season. Customers could order a personalized message, an ‘elfie,’ or book him for an in-person appearance. Each video was about $50, with more expensive options available. Tommy didn’t have year-round profits yet, but he hoped to include additional holiday personalities in the future.

The sharks acknowledged that he’s a great entertainer, but some speculated that he doesn’t have a plan. Kevin O’Leary remarked that he needed a larger social media presence, as Tommy only had about 10,000 followers across social media at the time.

Mark Cuban was also concerned about how much effort Tommy was putting in. Tommy also had a full-time job, which impacted his ability to devote enough time to the business. For those reasons, Mark was out. Kevin swiftly followed.

Tommy interjected that he wanted to make an app for the business that would go viral. However, the sharks didn’t agree. They thought social media would be enough.

Lori Greiner didn’t think it was for her, so she dropped out. Likewise, Daymond John didn’t think Tommy needed a partner and went out too. This left Barbara Corcoran.

Barbara noted that all of the sharks were charmed by him. She was too. She honed in on a comment he made earlier in the pitch about raising money for a cancer charity. Tommy revealed that he was a cancer survivor and that raising money for cancer charities was important to him.

As a result, Barbara made an offer. She gave Tommy $50,000 in cash, $75,000 as a loan for 35% equity. However, she wanted half of his sales to go to a cancer charity of his choice. Tommy agreed. How is he doing now? We’ll talk about it in our The Real Elf update.

We’re sure that Tommy is busy after appearing on the show! On his The Real Elf website, you can order elf-grams and visit pop-up “elfie” events around Chicago. Though research for our The Real Elf update didn’t turn over any new information since the show aired, we’re sure that Tommy is having a busy holiday season and will for many to come.

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