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Swimsuit season is always stressful. Anxiety about how you’ll look in your swimsuit is constant. To make swimsuits a little more friendly, Lelia Shams invented a shapewear swimsuit that emphasizes your waist. After pitching her line of swimwear on Shark Tank Season 13, what will the sharks think of this shapewear? Can they cinch a deal? Find out in our recap and TA3 Swimwear update.

Shark Tank TA3 Swimwear Update

TA3 Swimwear Update

  • Entrepreneur: Lelia Shams
  • Business: Shaping swimwear for women
  • Ask: $500,000 for 10% equity
  • Result: No deal
  • Shark: None

Fashion designer Lelia Shams worked for some of the biggest fashion companies in New York before starting out on her own. TA3 Swimwear, a shaping swimsuit collection, uses a corset-like construction to cinch your waist and compress your “problem areas.” The idea was to make a swimsuit that looked good on everyone.

And to that point, TA3 Swimwear was successful. In the first 13 months in business, sales hit $1.4 million. The design was patent-pending, and TA3’s marketing came mostly from social media.

While the sales impressed the sharks, Barbara Corcoran was the first to drop out. A similar business she’d invested in taught her a lot about swimsuit companies, and she wasn’t ready to take that journey again.

Mark Cuban went out as well, stating that it wasn’t his thing. Kevin O’Leary followed because he didn’t have a connection with the product. Lori Greiner asked what Lelia planned to do with the money, and she stated she wanted to use it to purchase more inventory.

Daymond John took issue with this, as seasonal inventory could be difficult to move without using discount stores. Deals with discount stores kill profits, Daymond reminded her. He went out as a result.

Lori was the last remaining shark. She explained that she wanted to license the technology to major players, but Lelia refused to do that. For that reason, Lori went out as well. But where is Lelia now? Find out in our TA3 Swimwear update.

You can find TA3’s Swimwear line on their website. Our TA3 Swimwear update revealed that the company is making waves in publications like InStyle, Women’s Health, and more. Though Lelia ultimately walked away without a deal on Shark Tank Season 13, her company is still thriving!

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