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Setting up a punching bag in your home is difficult, and going to a gym all the time gets tedious. The Aqua Boxing Glove helps you get your training done on the go. Adding water to the glove can increase the weight, providing great resistance training without the hassle. Tony Adeniran brought this product to the tank hoping for an investment, but what will the sharks say during the Season 13 pitch? Find out in our Shark Tank Aqua Boxing Glove update.

Shark Tank Aqua Boxing Glove Update

Aqua Boxing Glove Update

  • Entrepreneur: Tony Adeniran
  • Business: Portable training gloves for boxers
  • Ask: $100,000 for 10% equity
  • Result: No deal
  • Shark: None

The Aqua Boxing Glove had about $40,000 in pre-sales at the time of filming. Most of this revenue came from Kickstarter sales, which had yet to be fulfilled. Because of this, the sharks didn’t think that Tony had any market proof.

Kevin O’Leary went out because it wasn’t the category for him. Similarly, Lori Greiner didn’t know the space and went out too. Mark Cuban liked the product, but scaling would be a challenge so he went out.

Barbara Corcoran didn’t think the product was within her wheelhouse, so she went out too. This left guest shark Kevin Hart, who boxes in his spare time. However, Kevin doesn’t see how he could add value. Tony lobbied pretty hard for Kevin’s support, but ultimately walked away with no deal.

During research for our Aqua Boxing Glove update, we found that the company is still taking pre-orders. They haven’t shipped out yet due to supply chain issues. However, you can still pre-order on the website for about half the price mentioned in the episode.

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