Salted Restaurant Group Update | Shark Tank Season 11

Jeff Applebaum brought his delivery-first restaurant service, Salted, to the tank in Season 11. He based the idea on a series of restaurant brands that could be delivered out of the same kitchen. The sharks weren’t impressed with what Jeff offered, but you can find out what happened in our Shark Tank Salted update and recap.

Shark Tank Salted Update

Salted Update

  • Entrepreneur: Jeff Applebaum
  • Business: Delivery-first restaurant service brands
  • Ask: $500,000 for 5% equity
  • Result: No deal
  • Shark: None

Jeff’s pitch was energetic and showcased his idea well. Though the food samples were okay, the sharks were less impressed when they learn that Salted has been through three different versions, and each failed. In the month of filming, Salted earned $250,000 in sales through locations in LA, San Francisco, and Chicago.

However, Jeff also revealed that he’d raised $5 million from other investors so far. Those investors hadn’t made money.

Barbara Corcoran heard this and immediately went out. Rohan Oza was out next. Jeff made him nervous, and the concept is too scary for him. Kevin O’Leary took issue with the valuation and said the space was too competitive, so he went out as well.

Mark Cuban couldn’t see where the company was different. When given the chance to explain, Jeff didn’t give the answers Mark wanted to hear. As a result, Mark went out.

This left Lori Greiner, who Jeff seemed to be avoiding. She didn’t want to work with someone who didn’t want her help, so she was out too. Jeff and Salted left the tank without a deal, but we’ll catch up with them in our Shark Tank Salted update.

After rounds of Venture Capital investments, Salted expanded to 17 kitchens. They planned on opening up to 50 locations by the end of 2022, but our Salted update research shows that new locations are slow to open for the company.

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