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Remote workspaces can be hard to come by, and setting up your PC in your kitchen doesn’t cut it sometimes. Robbie Friedman and Allison Zofan’s ootBox is a portable, temporary office space that can change that. After being pitched on Shark Tank Season 13, will the sharks see the value in having a separate backyard office? Find out in our pitch recap and ootBox update.

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick overview of what happened to ootBox after Shark Tank!

Robbie Friedman and Allison Zofan appeared on Shark Tank Season 13 and left with a deal from Barbara Corcoran for $300,000 for 10% equity. In terms of an ootBox update, the company is still in business, selling premade and custom boxes directly through the company website. Further, appearing on the show gave the company a big boost in orders, and they’re expanding marketing the box to businesses, as well.

Shark: Result:
Barbara Corcoran Accepted deal of $300,000 for 10% equity
Kevin O’Leary $300,000 for 5% equity, plus a $1,000 royalty on each box until he made $600,000
Mark Cuban No Offer
Lori Greiner No Offer
Daniel Lubetzky No Offer

Shark Tank ootBox Update

Shark Tank ootBox Update

  • Entrepreneurs: Robbie Friedman and Allison Zofan
  • Business: Portable, temporary outdoor offices made from shipping containers
  • Ask: $300,000 for 5% equity
  • Result: $300,000 for 10% equity
  • Shark: Barbara Corcoran

Robbie Friedman and Allison Zofan launched their temporary office business, ootBox, in June 2020. These portable containers are fully functioning outdoor office spaces.

They are temperature-controlled, carpeted offices that can be delivered to most backyards. All you need is a plug — and about $20,500 to purchase one.

Though the sharks are initially shocked at the cost, Robbie reveals that they have had nearly $1 million in sales since launch.

Guest shark Daniel Lubetzky expresses that he just doesn’t understand the need and overall the sharks seem skeptical.

When asked about permits or limits to who can receive an ootBox on their property, Allison and Robbie say the boxes are considered a shed, so they can really go anywhere.

Lori Greiner is the first to go out. She thinks it was a clever idea for COVID-19, but it isn’t right for her.

Robbie and Allison share that they’re currently restricted by bandwidth. They can only fulfill so many orders per month.

In response, Mark Cuban states that he prefers businesses that feed off of themselves. He’s looking for hockey stick growth potential, so he goes out.

Next, Daniel drops out, too, because he doesn’t see how they can move forward after post-COVID sales dropped off.

While Kevin O’Leary has his own reservations, he eventually makes an offer. He offers Robbie and Allison $300,000 for 5% equity, plus $1,000 royalty on each box until he makes $600,000.

Before they can react, Barbara Corcoran steps in.

Barbara absolutely loves the business model. She offers $300,000 for 20% equity. Because of this, Kevin revises his offer to $300,000 for a 15% stake.

Robbie counters Barbara for 7% equity, but she refuses. She says she’d do it for 10% equity if they accept without any more debate.

Robbie and Allison try to buy some time to discuss between themselves, but the pressure heats up. To keep things interesting, Kevin drops his ask to 9%.

Despite this bidding war, Robbie and Allison choose to accept Barbara’s offer.

So, was the deal with Barbara helpful for the company? Find out in our ootBox update.

Shark Tank isn’t the only place you can find ootBox. This company has had pieces in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Business Insider, and Architectural Digest before appearing on the show!

After their appearance, Robbie told WSYK they received hundreds of inquiries in the following week. The pair also appreciates the free publicity, saying “We couldn’t pay for that type of exposure. You’d have to pay like a ganglion dollars.”

Now, you can find two different pre-built options on the ootBox website, as well as custom options for homes and businesses. The website also features examples of custom projects, showing customers the endless potential for making the tiny space their own.

Although our ootBox update hasn’t turned over any new sales numbers yet, we will be sure to keep an eye out for an update.

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