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Anyone who has ever changed a dirty diaper can agree: they stink! Regina Crisci’s product helps eliminate odors before you even wrap the diaper up. It’s one of those products that makes you wonder why it’s not already on the market! Will the sharks appreciate this nose-saving neutralizer during Shark Tank Season 13? We’ll talk about it in our pitch recap and Diaper Dust update.

Shark Tank Diaper Dust Update

Diaper Dust Update

  • Entrepreneur: Regina Crisci
  • Business: Powder that controls diaper odors
  • Ask: $75,000 for 40% equity
  • Result: $75,000 for 40% equity
  • Shark: Mark Cuban

Regina started her pitch with a bang. She offered the sharks a ‘simulated’ dirty diaper and invited them to try Diaper Dust. It seemed simple to use: sprinkle the dust into the diaper before you roll it up to eliminate the smell.

The sharks agreed that the product worked, but their smiles faded when they heard about the company’s sales. Diaper Dust only had about $3,000 in sales. Kevin O’Leary speculated that a shark would have a lot of work to do, as Regina is inexperienced. Eventually, he decided that it wasn’t the product for him and dropped out.

Barbara Corcoran believed that Regina needed a working partner rather than a shark, so she went out too. Lori Greiner thought the product was too early, so she went out as well.

Guest shark Emma Grede loved the product but thought Regina didn’t have a grasp on marketing. Unfortunately, Emma went out too. Finally, only Mark Cuban remained.

Despite Mark’s original hesitation about scaling, he offered Regina exactly what she asked for. Was this a good match for Mark? Find out in our Diaper Dust update.

After airing on Shark Tank, Diaper Dust received an influx of orders. Regina posted a video on Instagram a day after airing showing herself packaging up tons of orders. The company appears to be going strong, and will likely only continue to find success after partnering with Mark Cuban.

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