Calm Strips Update | Shark Tank Season 13

We’re all experiencing a little more anxiety than ever before. That’s probably why Michael Malkin and Luce Fuller’s business, Calm Strips, has been extremely successful. What did the sharks think of these anxiety-reducing strips during Shark Tank Season 13? We’ll let you know in our pitch recap and Calm Strips update.

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick overview of what happened to Calm Strips after Shark Tank!

Michael Malkin and Luce Fuller appeared on Shark Tank Season 13 and left with a deal from Robert Herjavec for $250,000 and $2.50/unit until $250,000, then $1.50/unit until $750,000. In terms of a Calm Strips update, the company is still in business and boasts over 200,000 satisfied customers. Further, they’ve expanded product offerings on the company website and Calm Strips are now carried by more than 200 retail stores nationwide.

Shark: Result:
Robert Herjavec Accepted deal of $250,000 and $2.50/unit until $250,000, then $1.50/unit until $750,000
Kevin O’Leary $250,000 and $2.50/unit until $250,000, then $1/unit in perpetuity
Mark Cuban No Offer
Lori Greiner No Offer
Daymond John No Offer

Shark Tank Calm Strips Update

Shark Tank Calm Strips Update

  • Entrepreneurs: Michael Malkin and Luce Fuller
  • Business: Textured strips to calm anxiety
  • Ask: $250,000 for 10% equity
  • Result: $250,000 and $2.50/unit until $250,000, then $1.50/unit until $750,000
  • Shark: Robert Herjavec

Entrepreneurs Michael Malkin and Luce Fuller want to help provide a soothing solution to stressful situations with their fidget-friendly product, Calm Strips.

Amazon product

Calm strips are a textured surface (available in two surface texture styles) that help to calm anxiety. The strips are reusable and stick to most surfaces.

You can rub, scratch, touch, or pick at the textured surface to help reduce anxious feelings and improve focus.

When Michael and Luce finish their pitch, some of the sharks look a bit lost. However, once they tell the sharks about their sales, they are definitely on board.

Incredibly, Calm Strips launched the year before filming and has already amassed $2.5 million in sales.

The sharks are obviously thrilled with the numbers, but there are also some concerns.

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Daymond John just didn’t get it, so he is the first to drop out.

Next, Mark Cuban foresees scaling issues, so because of this he goes out as well.

Robert Herjavec, on the other hand, states that several of his family members are autistic. Tactile objects help them calm down.

He is on board and believes in the company, so he offeres $250,000 for 35% equity.

Luce is taken aback, saying “That’s a lot of percents!” The pair ask if they can counter, but before they get a chance, Kevin O’Leary jumps in with an offer.

In a typical Mr. Wonderful deal, Kevin proposes $250,000 with no equity. Instead, he wants $2.50 per unit until he recoups $250,000. After that, he’d get $1 per unit in perpetuity.

Luce voices her displeasure with the offer, saying she’s “allergic” to perpetuity.

Hearing Kevin’s proposal causes Robert to revise his offer to $250,000 with no equity, as well. Instead, he wants $2.50 a unit until $250,000 is paid back, then $1.50 per unit until $750,000 is recouped.

The entrepreneurs want to see if Lori has an offer, as well, which causes Robert to change his mind and drop out. He believes his terms are better than Kevin’s, so he doesn’t understand why they wouldn’t accept.

After Robert drops out, they attempt to pull him back in by asking  if he would consider $250,000 for 20% equity. Unfortunately, he refuses.

After some back-and-forth negotiating, they manage to get Robert to agree to his revised deal after all, and Calm Strips leaves the tank with a shark on their side.

So, how is the company doing now? Let’s catch up with Michael and Luce in our Calm Strips update.

After appearing on Shark Tank, Calm Strips has received a lot of attention. Now that they’ve got a partner and some extra cash, Michael and Luce continue to expand their product line to include the shaped strips that they talked about during the pitch.

In addition to the original strips, they now also have Calm Breathing items that combine the soothing textures with different shapes and guided breath exercises. The products are still selling well, with the Calm Strips website boasting more than 200,000 satisfied customers.

Their appearance on Shark Tank gave their popularity a boost, too, as they have more than 56,000 followers on Instagram.

Further, with Robert on their team, Michael and Luce should be able to get Calm Strips into more school systems the help students focus while learning. When we get more news on a Calm Strips update, we will be sure to let you know.

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