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Sports fans want to rep their teams in a larger-than-life style. That’s where Noggin Boss comes in. Gabe Cooper and Sean Starner’s large hats are made to make people smile while you represent your favorite teams, charities, and more. After pitching it on Shark Tank Season 13, will the sharks find value in this oversized idea? Find out in our Noggin Boss update.

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick overview of what happened to Noggin Boss after Shark Tank!

Gabe Cooper and Sean Starner appeared on Shark Tank Season 13 and left with a deal from Daymond John for $50,000 for 30% equity. In terms of a Noggin Boss update, the company is still in business and has seen a big increase of 2,000% in orders due to viral content of athletes like Brian Robinson wearing the product. Further, the company reached licensing agreements with the NFL, NCAA, and Hendrick Motorsports, opening doors to even more revenue.

Shark: Result:
Daymond John Accepted deal of $50,000 for 30% equity
Mark Cuban No Offer
Lori Greiner No Offer
Kevin O’Leary No Offer
Barbara Corcoran No Offer

Shark Tank Noggin Boss Pitch

Shark Tank Noggin Boss Update

  • Entrepreneurs: Gabe Cooper and Sean Starner
  • Business: Large promotional hats for sports fans
  • Ask: $50,000 for 25% equity
  • Result: $50,000 for 30% equity
  • Shark: Daymond John

Gabe Cooper and Sean Starner are proud of their company, Noggin Boss. The fun and irreverent oversized hats can prominently display your favorite teams and other promotional material.

In four months of business, Noggin Boss has reached $30,000 in sales. They’ve even been featured in the NFL draft.

After their hyped-up Shark Tank Season 13 pitch, the sharks are curious to learn more about the product.

The low sales initially trip the sharks up, but Gabe and Sean explain that they couldn’t fill 95% of their orders.

Most customers want licensed logos on their hats, but the duo has been unable to obtain the rights. Their biggest hurdle is licensing, and that’s why they need a shark.

They have proof of concept and a lot of interest, but they need help from a shark to get them to the next level.

Daymond John jumps in first with an offer of $50,000 for 30% equity.

Mark Cuban adds that he could get them in with the Mavericks (which he owns) if they accept Daymond’s offer.

To clear the field, Lori Greiner goes out. It’s not a product for her.

At first, Kevin O’Leary and Barbara Corcoran want to make offers, but Daymond turns up the heat.

In response to the pressure, Gabe and Sean accept Daymond’s offer and Noggin Boss secures a deal.

Was this a good deal for Daymond? Let’s find out where the company is now in our Noggin Boss update.

Shark Tank Noggin Boss Update

Our Noggin Boss update revealed that the company is quickly climbing the ladder of success. Thanks to their Shark Tank appearance and well-placed celebrities wearing the product going viral, Noggin Boss got a huge boost in national popularity.

For example, when Commanders RB Brian Robinson wore a Noggin Boss hat in a locker room video, sales increased by 2,000%, according to Sports Business Journal.

Even better, our Noggin Boss update research finds that working with Daymond has helped the company secure the elusive team licensing deals they were hoping for.

Also, according to Front Office Sports, Mark Cuban followed through with his offer to sell hats through the Mavericks’ team store.

On the Noggin Boss website, you can now get hats featuring your favorite NFL and NCAA team logos or Hendrick Motorsports drivers and other designs. It also has the option to customize a cap with your own uploaded logo or design.

Noggin Boss isn’t just for sports fans, though. The hats are also finding an audience in charity auctions, bachelor parties, and other celebratory events.

In terms of marketing, Noggin Boss is working on building a social presence with over 8,000 TikTok followers and more than 15,000 on Instagram.

With the added hype and team licensing secured, we think our next Noggin Boss update will show more and more sports fans sporting the oversized head apparel.

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