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Emily Strauss pitched her painting business to Shark Tank Season 11. Mural Painter works on billboards, building murals, and other paintings for businesses. The company’s agency model includes a great relationship between artists and companies, and they also strive to get results. We’ll find out how the sharks felt about the company in our Mural Painter update.

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick overview of what happened to Mural Painter after Shark Tank!

Entrepreneur Emily Strauss appeared on Shark Tank Season 11 and got a deal with Barbara Corcoran for $100,000 cash and a $200,000 line of credit for 15% equity. In terms of a Mural Painter update, the company is still and business and has gone on to be used by some of the biggest brands in the world, like Sony, Amazon, Netflix, Etsy, and more.

Shark: Result:
Barbara Corcoran  Accepted deal for $100,000 cash and a $200,000 line of credit for 15% equity
Kevin O’Leary  $300,000 for 35% equity
Lori Greiner No offer
Daymond John No offer
Mark Cuban  No offer

Shark Tank Mural Painter Update

Mural Painter update

  • Entrepreneur: Emily Strauss
  • Business: Hand-painted signs and promo agency
  • Ask: $300,000 for 15% equity
  • Result: $100,000 cash and a $200,000 line of credit for 15% equity
  • Shark: Barbara Corcoran

Mural Painter started as a word-of-mouth business and has grown to a fully realized artist agency, that connects mural painters with companies that need paintings, and advertising.

Founder Emily Strauss wants to eventually expand her business to more cities, and then create a better dispatching system to match companies with artists.

Additionally, she says that murals are a lost art in the advertising world.  However, it is now becoming the most desirable form of semi-permanent media.

Mural Painter creates jobs for artists, and further, Emily is creating an app to match artists and customers, making the process seamless for both parties.

Lori Greiner asks Emily how she got into this business. Emily shares that she has always been an artist, and when she was a teenager, her parents actually let her paint all over the kitchen cabinets.

Because her mom works from home, she would have clients come through the house, and they would admire Emily’s work. From there, she would be offered painting jobs, and it essentially snowballed into her business.

Then when she got sick at 17, she had to drop out of high school. Eventually, she got her GED and then took some college art courses, which led to her eventually employing her fellow classmates.

Kevin O’Leary asks how much it would cost to commission a mural like the Shark Tank one that Emily presented during her presentation, and she says $15,000.

Painters are paid hourly, starting at $16 an hour, with large-scale projects needing around 2 artists. During the year of filming, Mural Painter projects it will finish the year with around $800,000 in sales.

Of the $800,000, she will profit $100,000. With an investment, she has a 3-step plan, that includes expanding to other cities.

Mark Cuban is the first to go out because he doesn’t see how it will scale.

Daymond John thinks there will be a high turnover rate, because of the artists, so he also goes out too.

However, Kevin O’Leary is interested and offers $300,000 for 35% equity in Mural Painters.

As a result, Lori drops out because it isn’t right for her.

At the same time, Barbara Corcoran offers $100,000 as cash, and $200,000 as a line of credit for 15% equity. Barbara also offers some great advice about how Emily can thrive.

Ultimately, Emily chooses to accept Barbara’s deal. What happens following Shark Tank? Keep reading our Shark Tank Mural Painter update to find out!

We have good news to share in our Mural Painter update. The company is absolutely thriving and is now used by some of the biggest brands in the world like Netflix, Spotify, Google, Adidas, Sony, Taco Bell, and Etsy.

They also have new agencies in Florida as well as New York and Los Angeles. In addition to the Mural Painter business, Emily has since launched another business, House Painters, where they offer interior and exterior painting.

Things are really looking up for Emily! You can find out more about services on the Mural Painter website.

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