Snacklins Crisps Update | Shark Tank Season 11

Vegan snacks can be expensive, hard to find, and contain ingredients that are difficult to pronounce. Samy Kobrosly found a way to combat all of this, and do it on his own terms. But the logistics of a snack deal may put the sharks off during this Shark Tank Season 11 pitch. Find out how the company is doing in our Snacklins update!

Shark Tank Snacklins Update

Snacklins Update

  • Entrepreneur: Samy Kobrosly
  • Business: Vegan pork rinds
  • Ask: $250,000 for 2.5% equity
  • Result: $250,000 for 5% equity and 5% advisory shares
  • Shark: Mark Cuban

Some entrepreneurs come to Shark Tank with flashy pitches and immaculate branding. Samy Kobrosly isn’t one of those entrepreneurs. Instead, he comes to Shark Tank with facts, samples, and the numbers—and he lets them speak for themselves.

As a Muslim, Kobrosly wanted to recreate pork rinds at first—a tasty, meaty junk food that he’d heard about from his friends. So he set out to engineer an option he could eat, and one that vegans and health-conscious snackers would appreciate as well.

Snacklins are made with three ingredients—yuca, mushroom, and onions. They’re 80 calories a bag, a fact that instantly attracted the sharks. Eventually, the numbers got them more interested in the brand.

Samy makes Snacklins in his own factory because he’s perfected his production method. He was already in some stores and had $200,000 in sales. This seemed to be a sound investment for the sharks.

However, Barbara Corcoran was immediately out. The risks associated with making a food product and the astronomical costs to keep the product in stores were too much for her. Lori Greiner didn’t agree with the high valuation and thought that Snacklins could be too risky.

Rohan Oza, the guest shark, didn’t think that Samy should be doing his own manufacturing. He said it’s not viable to not outsource it.

However, Mark Cuban was on board. He agreed that Samy doing his own manufacturing was the right way to go. On the other hand, he didn’t think the small equity amount Samy offered would be worth his time. After some debate, he offered the $250,000 that Samy asked for, but for 5% equity and 5% in advisory shares, which he accepted.

In our Snacklins update, we’ll look at how the company is doing with Mark Cuban’s investment.

Today, Snacklins is still popular on its direct-to-consumer website. The website is clearly professional, and it’s obvious that Snacklins has made a huge leap in marketing. They’ve rebranded parts of their product as well, replacing flavors that could contain allergens with allergy-free ingredients.

In our Snacklins update, we were able to find that Snacklins are now sold all over the East Coast, in stores like Whole Foods, Walmart, and Stop & Shop.

Shark Tank Recap spoke to Samy in an email interview to get a more detailed Snacklins update. He told us, “Business has been growing year over year and we have expanded our store count 5x since the airing with plans to double that in 2023.”

He also said that working with Mark has been great and he’d make the same deal again. “Mark has been extremely supportive and is always willing to give us perspective and guidance.”

We appreciate Samy taking time offer us an exclusive Snacklins update, and we can’t wait to see what’s next for the company!

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