Candi Celebrity Video Chat Update | Shark Tank Season 13

Meeting your favorite celebrities may seem like a dream, but Candi is here to change that. Keithan and Quiante Hendrick developed a social media platform for virtual celebrity meet-and-greets and headed to Shark Tank Season 13 to share it with the world. Will the sharks be signing up for the service? Find out in our pitch recap and Candi update.

Shark Tank Candi Update

Candi Update

  • Entrepreneur: Keithan and Quiante Hendrick
  • Business: Personal celebrity video chats
  • Ask: $500,000 for 15% equity
  • Result: No deal
  • Shark: None

Candi provides a unique opportunity to meet with your favorite celebrity for five minutes. Each star sets their own rate, and Candi only keeps 25% of the profits. It’s an engaging way for fans to have an actual conversation with influencers, celebrity chefs, musical artists, and more.

Keithan and Quiante had no experience in Hollywood, but they managed to get celebrities and influencers signed up to use the platform within the first week. After Candi launched in 2020, they made $100,000 in total sales. Since then, they have hustled to create a lucrative platform.

They wanted to use the $500,000 investment to develop an app and increase marketing. They felt like creating a mobile app would allow their business to grow rapidly, as using apps has become increasingly popular over the past few years.

Kevin Hart was concerned about the talent aspect. He said things like this have existed before, and that they couldn’t solely rely on celebrity personalities to market the business. Mark Cuban on the other hand didn’t think it was an investable business.

After expressing his concerns, Kevin Hart said it was too early for him and went out. Mark followed because the valuation was a problem for him. Kevin O’Leary didn’t want to give up $500,000 for an unproven model.

Barbara Corcoran and Lori Greiner went out last, both stating that the entrepreneurs were asking far too much. Thus, Candi walked away without a deal on Shark Tank Season 13.

Despite not securing a deal in the tank, our Candi update found that the company is doing pretty well. On the Candi website, you can find a long list of celebrities to connect with, including Mya, Sisqo, Chaka Khan, Tori Spelling, Andre Reed, and Chris Kattan.

We’re sure that the Shark Tank appearance will create opportunities for more celebrities to join and that our next Candi update will have even better news.

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