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Store bought nut milk sounds healthy, but it surprisingly contains preservatives, gum fillers, and processed sugars. For that reason, Alicia Long and her husband Dane Turk wanted to come up with a better solution. They’ve created a simple household appliance that can conveniently produce plant-based milk at home, so the customer can control the ingredients. Will the sharks make them a deal on Shark Tank Season 14? Find out in our NUTR update! 

Shark Tank NUTR Update

NUTR Update

  • Entrepreneurs: Alicia Long and Dane Turk
  • Business: Plant-based milk appliance
  • Ask: $500,000 for 5% equity
  • Result: No deal
  • Sharks: None

Alicia and Dane brought their NUTR nut milk-making machine to Shark Tank Season 14 and demonstrated just how easy it is to make your own nut-based milk at home.

Nut Milk Maker
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They invited guest shark Daniel Lubetzky up to try it out. He was impressed with the process as well as the creaminess of the milk. Along with the appliance itself, the company also produces flavor packets that can be shipped to customers through subscription options.

Mark Cuban was curious about their margins, and Dane told the sharks that a single unit is produced for $42, and they sell for $169. That’s roughly 73% profit margin, and most of the company’s sales come directly online.

When Kevin O’Leary asked about sales, Alicia told him that NUTR had generated $793,000 in gross revenue sales. In 2022, NUTR was expected to reach about $6 million by the end of the year and has already reached $2 million in sales.

Lori Greiner didn’t see the need for another appliance, so she dropped out. Mark had already invested in a competitor brand, so he dropped out too.

Kevin was next to drop out, not agreeing with their valuation. Daymond John didn’t agree with their numbers, so he dropped out. Daniel was willing to entertain an offer from the entrepreneurs, but quickly realized that they were way too far apart to come close to making a deal. 

Sadly, Alicia and Dane had to leave the tank without a deal. What happened next for their company? Keep reading our NUTR update to find out!

Our NUTR update reveals good news for this company! They are still in business and seem to be thriving. The company has spent a lot of money focusing on its social media pages, regularly posting new content.

The NUTR brand has also recently integrated new bundle offers into its website to try and provide a better value to customers. Products can be purchased on Amazon and also on the NUTR website.

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