Surf Band Pro Sunscreen Dispenser Update | Shark Tank Season 14

Surfers needed a way to keep sunscreen with them while out on the water, but there was no way to carry it. That is, until Greg Demirjian created a smart solution to this problem! Will his product earn him a deal on Shark Tank Season 14? Find out in our Surf Band Pro Update!

Shark Tank Surf Band Pro Update

Surf Band Pro Update

  • Entrepreneurs: Greg Demirjian
  • Business: On-the-go sunscreen dispenser
  • Ask: $150,000 for 10% equity
  • Result: No deal
  • Sharks: None

Greg brought his handy on the go sunscreen dispenser, the Surf Band Pro to Shark Tank Season 14. Designed to be worn like a wristwatch, with a quick press of a button, surfers can squirt sunscreen into their hand and quickly apply it while out on the water.

Greg told the sharks that manufacturing for the product had only just begun a month prior to filming. This meant that the company had virtually no sales. 

The product will retail for $19.95 online directly to consumers. Manufacturing costs are just under $5 per unit.

The margins were acceptable, but the big problem for the sharks was the lack of sales. 

Barbara Corcoran said the market was too competitive, so she went out. Mark Cuban wasn’t interested in the product, so he too went out.

Lori Greiner felt the product was too niche as is, so she went out as well. Kevin O’Leary and Robert Herjavec went out for similar reasons. 

Without an offer from any of the sharks, he was forced to leave Shark Tank Season 14 without a deal. What happened next for his company? Keep reading our Surf Band Pro update!

We caught up with Greg to get an official Surf Band Pro update and we have some great news to share! Greg told us that since airing, “people have been purchasing non-stop.”

He went on to say, “Customers have been writing us to say how much they love the product and coming up with suggestions that are really great ideas.”

Since appearing on the show, Surf Ban Pro has partnered with the United Nations to help promote its United to Beat Malaria campaign. “We see the potential of our product helping people combat malaria in the future as day-biting mosquitoes are a new behavior,” Greg told us. 

“For every band that you purchase, we are donating the equivalent to United to Beat Malaria.”

We are so glad to share a positive Surf Band Pro update and know that the future is bright for Greg. To learn more, check out the official Surf Band Pro website.

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