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Peanut allergies have more than tripled in recent years, causing schools to ban tree nuts and peanuts. Aaron Gailmor wanted to produce an alternative to the food items known to cause common nut allergies. His snack line Brass Roots uses sacha inchi seeds, also known as the Incan peanut. Will the sharks cut him a deal on Shark Tank Season 14? Find out in our Brass Roots update! 

Shark Tank Brass Roots Update

Brass Roots Update

  • Entrepreneurs: Aaron Gailmor
  • Business: Snacks made from sacha inchi seeds
  • Ask: $400,000 for 7% equity
  • Result: No deal
  • Sharks: None

Aaron strolled into the tank with a band, bringing New Orleans, his hometown, to the sharks. They loved the music and the clever presentation that Aaron put on. He explained that Brass Roots offers a needed solution to the problem of peanut and tree nut allergies, as well as the ban on these items in many schools.

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Brass Roots utilizes sacha inchi seeds to develop various snack foods that are nut-allergen-free. He claimed they tasted like peanuts but were far healthier.

The sharks sampled the products and were impressed, but Kevin O’Leary wanted to get right down to numbers. Aaron shared that in 2019, he managed to generate $35,000 in gross revenue. That amount grew to just over $250,000 in 2020.

Brass Root’s sales doubled in 2021 to approximately $500,000 in gross revenue. And most recently in 2022, Brass Roots was expecting to generate $1.5 million in total gross revenue for the calendar year.

The most successful product that Brass Roots is currently selling is the lightly salted variety of the Sacha Inchi Seeds. A single bag costs about $5.00 to produce, while it sells for $17.99.

Daymond John was surprised by the high cost. Four of the sharks quickly dropped out, but Daniel Lubetzky was still considering the possibility of making an offer. He ultimately dropped out because he didn’t feel the business was investable.

Unfortunately, Aaron was unable to secure a deal. Brass Roots was forced to leave Shark Tank without an offer, but what happened next for the company? Keep reading our Brass Roots update to find out! 

Even though the company failed to secure a deal on Shark Tank, Brass Roots is still in business and seems to be doing well.

Research for our Brass Roots update revealed that the company has managed to expand its retail presence and is now available in even more health-food retailers.

Customers can continue to find Brass Roots featured in stores like Sprouts Farmers Market and Whole Foods Market. Products are also available on Amazon and the Brass Roots website.

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