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As a robotics enthusiast and avid gardener, high schooler Ehan Kamat has issues with foot pain. He needed to develop something to help relieve his pain so he could continue with school and his other activities. Ehan and his father Vinay brought their product to Shark Tank Season 9 together to try to pick up a shark. Is the Sole Mender the much-needed solution for foot pain or just a gimmick that is trying to make a quick buck? Let’s see what the sharks think about it in this Shark Tank Sole Mender update and pitch recap.

Shark Tank Sole Mender Update

Sole Mender Update

  • Entrepreneur: Ehan and Vinay Kamat
  • Business: Device that cools and rolls on the bottom of foot soles to relieve pain
  • Ask: $75,000 for 10% equity
  • Result: No deal
  • Shark: None

For a quick demonstration, Ehan and Vinay invited Barbara Corcoran to try the product, and she enjoyed a quick foot massage. Ehan claims this product repairs micro-tears and inflammation in the feet that come from plantar fasciitis. Both of Ehan’s parents are doctors, so they have a deeper understanding of how the body works and were able to help him create this product.

Kevin O’Leary dropped out because he did not know what the customer acquisition cost would be. Barbara Corcoran followed shortly after because the product “lacked sex appeal.” Lori Greiner didn’t feel it was for her and left the deal.

Mark Cuban didn’t want Ehan to give up his college for this product and dropped out. Guest shark, Alex Rodriguez, felt it was too early and also dropped out for the same reason as Mark. He offered Ehan his business card and told him to call him when he is done with school. So, what happened to the business? Let’s find out in our Sole Mender update.

If you’re curious, Sole Mender is still in business. Ehan did indeed go to college and is set to graduate from the University of California – Berkeley. The Sole Mender sold out of all their products after appearing on Shark Tank and has since appeared on QVC.

Because of the pandemic, Sole Mender has had some inventory issues due to the supply chain being shut down. But as the world recovers from the pandemic, hopefully Ehan’s business will too.

The product is only available on its website at the time of this Sole Mender update. You can purchase it as a single product, or in a two-pack for a discount. The website includes several positive reviews that show customers are happy with their purchase.

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