Thrive+ Hangover Supplement Update | Shark Tank Season 9

Brooks Powell’s company, Thrive+, was featured in Shark Tank‘s final episode of Season 9. He came onto Shark Tank requesting $400,000 in exchange for 10% equity. The imputed valuation of $4 million seemed high for this type of company, but the sharks wanted to give her a chance before completely rejecting her product. Once we cover the important details of the company pitch and negotiations, we won’t hesitate to provide you with the important Thrive+ update.

Shark Tank Thrive+ Update

Thrive+ Update

  • Entrepreneurs: Brooks Powell
  • Business: Hangover Supplement
  • Ask: $400,000 for 10% equity
  • Result: No deal
  • Sharks: None

Thrive+’s pitch was not very impressive to the sharks and some of them had major concerns about the legitimacy of the company’s claims. Mark Cuban didn’t even really believe that the product could make claims about curing hangover symptoms. Many of the sharks quickly realized that this investment probably wasn’t right for them.

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As sharks quickly started dropping out, it was starting to look very unlikely that Brooks Powell would earn a deal for Thrive+. While it remained unclear whether the hangover supplement actually had an effect on any of the symptoms, it was clear that his pitch was not convincing enough to have the sharks risk their own money.

All of the sharks eventually dropped out without making an offer, forcing Brooks to leave Shark Tank without an agreement.

While Brooks was unable to secure a deal on Shark Tank, let’s get a quick Thrive+ update to see how the company performed after the episode.

Just like many companies that get featured on Shark Tank, Thrive+’s official website was bombarded with organic web traffic, and sales were temporarily boosted. The company is now called Cheers and remains in business and has since reached $20 million in total gross revenue over the life of the company.

While Thrive+ was not able to secure a deal on Shark Tank, it seems like the natural effects of appearing on the show had a positive impact. We will be sure to let you know if we get another Thrive+ update.

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