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Entrepreneur and father of five, Jeff McNeil, knows time with his little ones is precious. The problem is, it is so difficult to save all these memories his young family makes. Everyone seems to have a baby book, but who has the time to keep up with it? To solve this problem, Jeff developed Qeepsake, a program where all you do is text the service with what you want to remember and can even attach photos. He brought this program to Shark Tank in hopes of securing $350,000 for 10% equity in the company. Do the sharks need some help remembering all the little things? Let’s see in this Qeepsake update.

Shark Tank Qeepsake Update

Qeepsake Update

  • Entrepreneur: Jeff McNeil
  • Business: Service that you text with memories and pictures to create memory books
  • Ask: $350,000 for 10% equity
  • Result: No Deal
  • Shark: None

One common question people ask about Qeepsake, is why not just use social media to keep your memories? In Jeff’s words, some of this information seems to be overshared. Also, all the memories you want together can be compiled, but just everything that goes on your social media page.

Barbara Corcoran didn’t feel she could help him out, so she dropped out. Kevin O’Leary was bored when Jeff initially came in, but as he went through the pitch he saw the potential to use this service with some of his other companies. He offered $350,000 for 20%.

Mark Cuban felt it was a great product, but knew there would be competitors, making him get out of the tank. Lori Greiner didn’t feel she could escalate this fast enough and dropped out. Jeff then countered Kevin with $350,000 for 12% but when guest shark, Chris Sacca offered $350,000 for 20%, Jeff countered Chris with $350,000 for 14%. Kevin then dropped out.

Chris liked his response and approach, but wouldn’t back off of the 20%. This made Jeff decline the offer and Qeepsake left Shark Tank without a deal.

Now let’s get a Qeepsake update and see where the company is at since its appearance on Shark Tank. Qeepsake is still in business and you can sign up for the service on their website. They have several different options including pregnancy journals, memories from the past, books for each child, and more, offering both free and paid subscriptions where you can get a book and store memories forever.

While Qeepsake did not receive any funding from Shark Tank, it received over $900,000 from outside investors. It is evident that Qeepsake has been a success, as they are making around $2 million annually and are valued at $5 million.

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