Robin Robotic Lawn Care Update | Shark Tank Season 9

A high-tech solution for a common household chore, Robin is here to help with lawn care and maintenance. Founders Justin Crandell and Bart Lomont have created a robotic, self-driven lawn mower that goes everyday for a more reliable, eco-friendly solution. In this Robin Shark Tank update, we’ll see if the sharks take a cut of the business and what’s happened since the pitch.

Shark Tank Robin Update

Robin Update

  • Entrepreneur: Justin Crandell and Bart Lomont
  • Business: Robotic lawnmower service
  • Ask: $500,000 for 5% equity
  • Result: No deal
  • Shark: None

Robin is designed to replace hiring a lawn care service and costs just costs $17 per week for mowing. It has higher prices for additional services that humans do, including edging and trimming.

Coming into the Shark Tank, Robin had pulled in around $3 million in revenue. It services 10,000 jobs a month in Texas metro areas and has raised over $3 million with 15 crew members. The problem, however, was that the company lost $1 million last year, mostly due to purchasing more equipment and trying to expand.

The company obtains the robotic mowers from a company in Europe that sells them to customers directly, but Robin is set up differently as previously stated.

Lori Greiner thought that this should be a product business, not a service, so she dropped out. Mark Cuban thought it would take too long and be too costly to scale, so he also dropped out.

Guest shark, Richard Branson, thought the valuation was way too high and dropped out. Robert Herjavec just didn’t see the business being able to blow up and went out. Lastly, Daymond John went out leaving Robin without any offers.

Justin and Bart felt the sharks missed out when they let them get out of the tank without an investment. Were they right? Let’s find out in this Shark Tank Robin update.

Since appearing on the tank, Robin’s business setup has changed dramatically. The company was acquired by Mowbot, for an unknown amount of money. Instead of having individual customers, at the time of this Shark Tank Robin update, it is in the franchise businesses.

Essentially, it is a subscription business to lawn care companies that pay them a monthly fee to use their products and receive help in other areas. The subscription has different levels for additional services.

Because of the new set-up, it is difficult to tell exactly what the sales are of the company. Mowbot is estimated to be worth over $5 million and has franchises all over the eastern, southern, and midwest regions of the US.

Despite not getting a deal in the tank, we’d call this Robin update a success.

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