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Entrepreneur Bunim Laskin pitched his private pool rental app during Shark Tank Season 11. Swimply is an app that allows the user to rent a private pool for parties and other events. Because pools are expensive, he wanted to come up with a new option for those who love to swim. Will the sharks be able to swim up on a deal? Find out in our Shark Tank Swimply update.

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick overview of what happened to Swimply after Shark Tank!

Bunum Laskin appeared on Shark Tank Season 11 and walked away without a deal. In terms of a Swimply update, the company has done really well since Shark Tank, despite not getting a deal. The company now services America, Canada, and Australia. Additionally, recent reports indicate that lifetime sales have hit $70 million.

Shark: Result:
Lori Greiner No offer
Kevin O’Leary No offer
Barbara Corcoran No offer
Mark Cuban No offer
Robert Herjavec No offer

Shark Tank Swimply Update

Swimply update

  • Entrepreneur: Bunim Laskin
  • Business: Private pool rental a la Airbnb
  • Ask: $300,000 for 5% equity
  • Result: No deal
  • Shark: None

Founder of Swimply, Bunim Laskin, is a fast-talking entrepreneur from New Jersey. When he saw his neighbor build a pool that she never used, he was inspired to ask her to use it.

In exchange, he’d pay for some of her upkeep costs. Soon, the whole neighborhood was using her pool, prompting Bunim to start Swimply.

Essentially, this private pool rental service functions like Airbnb. Pool owners select times and dates to rent out their pools, and then decide on hourly rates, which tend to range between $45 and $90 an hour.

People looking to swim in a private pool pay per hour to use them. It’s simple, and the company has earned $990,000 so far.

They started with four pools, but they have quickly grown. Comparatively, this growth has resulted in $215,000 in gross sales, and $42,000 in profit for the year of recording.

That’s not bad, considering the entrepreneur only has to keep the app and website running. Further, pool owners do most of the work, and Swimply takes 15% from hosts and 10% from swimmers for all transactions.

Robert Herjavec doesn’t see how the business can become profitable, so for that reason, he’s out.

Lori Greiner thinks it’s a great idea, she just doesn’t want to invest in it. She is the next shark out.

Likewise, Barbara Corcoran doesn’t want to go in either. Before going out, she adds that Bunim is too much of a fast talker.

Mark Cuban sees value in the idea but doesn’t know if other people would use it. He eventually drops out because the company’s valuation and projections (which Bunim claims is $289 million by 2022) are too unrealistic.

Lastly, Kevin O’Leary takes issue with the valuation, so for that reason, he too is out.

Swimply doesn’t get a deal, but how is the company doing now? Read on in our Shark Tank Swimply update to find out.

Despite failing to secure a deal, our Swimply update is a good one! While it’s gotten nowhere near the high valuation that Bunim put on his company, the pandemic actually benefitted Swimply and has led to $70 million in lifetime sales.

The contactless service model, paired with a need for some type of normalcy during COVID, has increased sales by nearly 4,000%. In turn, Swimply now has 125 active markets in the US alone.

The company has also expanded to Canada and even Australia! In 2021, Swimply was featured in a TechCrunch article where Bunim boasted of “seven digits a month in revenue”, thanks to 15,000 to 20,000 reservations a month.

The future looks bring for Bunim and his company. If we get any more Swimply updates, we will let you know!

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