Sunniva Super Coffee Update | Shark Tank Season 9

Jake Decicco, Jim Decicco, and Jordan Decicco are three brothers who founded Sunniva Super Coffee with the idea of creating a healthier coffee-themed beverage that is capable of providing more energy and nutritional benefits with less sugar. Let’s see if these three brothers were able to secure a deal on Shark Tank for their company before we cover the Sunniva Super Coffee update.

Shark Tank Sunniva Super Coffee Update

Sunniva Super Coffee Update

  • Entrepreneurs:  Jake Decicco, Jim Decicco , and Jordan Decicco
  • Business: Beverage / Coffee
  • Ask: $500,000 for 4.5% equity
  • Result: No deal
  • Sharks: None

Sunniva Super Coffee had developed three different flavors of its coffee-themed beverage. The vanilla bean flavor was by far the most popular, but other options like dark mocha and maple hazelnut were also available.

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In terms of finances, Sunniva Super Coffee was projected to reach more than $2 million in gross sales during the current calendar year. The company had already earned placements in stores like Target and Whole Foods and had more retail partnerships lined up with college campuses and other retail stores.

Guest shark, Rohan Oza wanted to learn more about the company’s beverage margins. The brothers told the sharks that they averaged about a 43% gross margin on each beverage that they produce. One bottle costs about $1 to manufacture and can be sold to distributors for just under $2. Customers pay a little over $3 per bottle of Sunniva Super Coffee in retail stores.

After hearing a lot about Sunniva Super Coffee’s beverage products and finances, it was time for the sharks to make their offers. Barbara Corcoran really wanted to partner up with these brothers, but she couldn’t get over the negative taste that she experienced when testing their beverage products. All of the remaining sharks ultimately dropped out as well and forced the Decicco brothers to depart Shark Tank without a deal.

Let’s get a Sunniva Super Coffee update to see if the company has progressed. It turns out that Sunniva was rebranded to just Super Coffee and redesigned some of its beverage products with slightly different tastes.

The rebranding helped the company reach new levels and eventually the ‘super’ coffee products returned with gross revenues reaching tens of millions of dollars during the 2021 calendar year. So despite leaving Shark Tank without a deal, we’re calling this Sunniva Super Coffee update a success!

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