Snarky Tea Update | Shark Tank Season 9

A popular beverage with an attitude, Snarky Tea, helps you keep it real. Do you need tea to go to bed, hype you up, or just calm you down? Snarky Tea has the solution for you. Do the sharks need a kick in the rear to get going? Let’s see if they are all in for this product in this Snarky Tea update.

Shark Tank Snarky Tea Update

Snarky Tea Update

  • Entrepreneur: Jenni-Lyn Williams
  • Business: Tea that keeps it real to address everyday problems for women
  • Ask: $150,000 for 25% equity
  • Result: $150,000 for 50% equity
  • Shark: Kevin O’Leary and Bethenny Frankel

At the time of its Shark Tank appearance, Snarky Tea was being sold mainly on the company’s website and in a few boutiques. While it had sold $190,000 worth of products, the company had yet to turn a profit. The goal in coming into the tank was to help market the product.

The sharks have had a lot of pushback with Jenni-Lyn only going after half of the market, as she is only trying to sell her teas to women. She explained that women are the ones who buy tea in the household, but not all sharks agree.

Lori Greiner saw this as more of a niche product, so she dropped out. Robert Herjavec thought the product was too edgy for him and dropped out as well.

Mark Cuban thought Amazon would be too big of a competitor that would crush Snarky Tea. This made him drop out. Kevin O’Leary thought he really could help this company out with his customer connections.

Kevin offered $150,000 for 50%. Guest shark, Bethenny Frankel, matched Kevin’s offer. Jenni-Lyn asked if the two sharks would partner. They said they would and Jenni-Lyn countered with $150,000 for 42%, but they declined.

Then she came back with $150,000 for 49%. Eventually this lead to a deal with the two sharks for $150,000 for 50% of the business.

At the time of this Snarky Tea update, the company is still in business and has many different tea items available on its website. Products include detox kits, samplers packs, cold brew teas, and more.

You can also find a wellness blog on the website as well. You may purchase tea all the way from a packet for one serving at $3.50 or a larger bag for 15 servings at $14.99.

Products are still available on Amazon as well. The current annual revenue for the company is around $1 million. We are so happy to report a successful Snarky Tea update!

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