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Savy is a unique online platform that helps connect consumers with affordable products. Disha Shidham came onto Shark Tank Season 9 to sell 10% equity in her company in exchange for $100,000. The sharks seemed interested in potentially making an investment in this startup company, but they needed to learn more about it before they could officially make a deal. Let’s see what happens during the negotiations before we fast forward to the Savy update.

Shark Tank Savy Update

Savy Update

  • Entrepreneurs: Disha Shidham
  • Business: Online Shopping
  • Ask: $100,000 for 10% equity
  • Result: No deal
  • Sharks: None

Disha told the sharks that she had partnerships with up to 1,000 different stores and had only managed to bring on about 2,000 active users. The sharks were a little bit disappointed to hear about the low number of users, but Disha restated that Savy was a startup business.

She also told the sharks that she wasn’t really interested in going back to school because she wanted to focus on her business. Mark Cuban was the first shark to drop out without making an offer.

Kevin believed that Disha and her company were too early in their growth to justify the risk in the investment. For that reason, Kevin O’Leary decided to pass on making a deal with Savy.

Robert Herjavec, Lori Greiner, and Daymond John were still remaining for Disha to negotiate with, but they all quickly dropped out because of the fact that Disha’s business was only in the startup phase and had a long way to go.

Unfortunately, Disha Shidham was unable to secure a deal from any of the sharks, which meant that she would have to leave Shark Tank without a deal. Let’s get a Savy update to see whether or not Disha has decided to keep her business going.

Just like Disha’s previous business, it seems that Savy is currently out of business. Sometimes the sharks are very wrong in their assessments of a company, but in this particular case, it seems like their instincts were correct when they decided to pass on making an offer.

Unfortunately, this will be our last Savy update.

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