Safety Nailer Update | Shark Tank Season 11

If you’ve ever hit your fingers with a hammer while trying to drive a nail, you might be asking why it took so long for this product to hit the market. Drew Zirkle teamed up with a friend to fix this problem. Together, they created the Safety Nailer. Will the sharks see the value in this Season 11 gadget? Read our Shark Tank Safety Nailer update and pitch recap to find out.

Shark Tank Safety Nailer Update

Safety Nailer Update

  • Entrepreneur: Drew Zirkle
  • Business: Nail guide and finger protector
  • Ask: $100,000 for 14% equity
  • Result: $100,000 for 33% equity
  • Shark: Lori Greiner, Rohan Oza, and Mark Cuban

Shark Tank is no stranger to ‘gadget’-type products, and this one is as gadgety as it gets. Drew Zirkle and his friend Daniel Eifes worked together to create the Safety Nailer. It’s a finger guard with a magnetic mechanism that holds the nail perfectly, allowing you to drive it without hitting your fingers.

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Guest shark Rohan Oza tries the product and finds that it is surprisingly helpful, and even aligns the nail at the perfect angle. The numbers are a little shakier. The previous year, the Safety Nailer had done $40,000 in sales. During the filming year, they’d already done $85,000.

It may be a great idea for a product, but it seems to worry some sharks that this is a product rather than a business. Kevin O’Leary is the first shark to go. He leaves the deal immediately after Drew reveals that he hasn’t quit his day job, and Kevin doesn’t feel like he’s all-in.

Barbara Corcoran goes next, stating that the product lacks appeal. Mark Cuban is out as well, saying that he doesn’t want to back someone that isn’t in with the product 100% of the time. It’s at this point that the entrepreneur tries to ply the sharks with another product, his ‘clacker’ toy that doesn’t actually clack.

Guest shark Rohan Oza, on the other hand, sees the Safety Nailer as a good licensing deal. Lori Greiner agrees, and they decide to go in together.

Mark asks if he can have the rights to the clacker and if he can, he’ll go in on the deal. The offer for all three? $100,000 for 50% of the business (plus the rights to the clacker, of course). Drew wants to haggle, and Mark says they’ll go down to 33% equity if he can keep the clacker. The entrepreneurs accept, but was this a good deal for the three sharks? Keep reading our Shark Tank Safety Nailer update to find out.

While the safety nailer hasn’t really gained much traction, it is still doing fairly well for a gadget. It’s available on Amazon, on their website, and in Ace Hardware stores all over the nation.

Our Safety Nailer update research revealed that the company started a Kickstarter to fund the clacker toy, and it met its production goals. It’s now available as well and reports from 2021 state that Safety Nailer is doing around $2 million in sales annually.

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