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Brandon Fay pitched his pasta business during Shark Tank Season 11. Pasta by Hudson is a takeout pasta company that creates custom pasta on the spot. He wants to solve the problem of when people order pasta to go, only to find that it’s cold by the time they get home. Will the sharks take a bite of this delicious offer? Find out in our Pasta by Hudson update.

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick overview of what happened to Pasta by Hudson after Shark Tank!

Brandon Fay appeared on Shark Tank Season 11 and made a deal with Lori Greiner and Mark Cuban for $150,000 for 10% equity. In terms of a Pasta by Hudson update, the company is still growing and has managed to reach $4 million in annual revenue. Further, they have expanded into an additional location in New York. 

Shark: Result:
Mark Cuban and Lori Greiner Accepted deal for $150,000 for 30% equity
Kevin O’Leary No offer
Barbara Corcoran No offer
Daymond John No offer

Shark Tank Pasta by Hudson Update

Pasta by Hudson update

  • Entrepreneur: Brandon Fay
  • Business: Fresh pasta to go
  • Ask: $150,000 for 10% equity
  • Result: $150,000 for 30% equity
  • Shark: Lori Greiner and Mark Cuban

Founder of Pasta by Hudson, Brandon Fay, loves pasta, like really loves pasta. He wanted to create a fresh pasta bar that would serve quality pasta, meatballs, and sauces that wouldn’t be cold by the time you got it home.

Pasta by Hudson was born as a fresh pasta bar that allows customers to pick their pasta type, sauce, and extra (including meatballs) on the go. It’s a simple idea, and menu items range from $9 to $13 per serving.

Additionally, these are large servings. The sharks immediately love the pasta, and Barbara Corcoran even thinks it’s the best meatball she’s ever tasted.

So far, in the year of filming, Brandon has made $590,000. He finds it especially easy to turn a profit on the food.

Further, he also has a small pasta bar in a great NYC location, and he hasn’t franchised yet. He wants to open pasta kiosks in the future, and maybe sell uncooked pasta in supermarkets.

Half the business, however, is currently happening through delivery. It’s a huge struggle for him, because the profits on delivery are much smaller.

He’s approached the sharks to help him open three more locations in NYC.

Daymond John is the first shark to drop out. Pasta irritates his acid reflux, so even though he loves the idea, he can’t support it.

Mark Cuban advises Brandon to lean into the delivery side of the business, and asks if he’d be interested in “cloud kitchens.”

Kevin O’Leary ultimately drops out, stating that he doesn’t really think Brandon is pulling the numbers for a franchise deal just yet.

Barbara, on the other hand, would go in for the meatballs alone—although, she’s just interested in the meatballs, not the pasta business.

Lori Greiner is also interested, and she says she’ll go in with Mark. They decide on a split, $100,000 for 20% equity on Mark’s part, and Lori will throw in $50,000 for an additional 10% equity.

As a result, Brandon gets two sharks. He quickly agrees, but how has the company done?

Keep reading our Shark Tank Pasta by Hudson update to find out.

Research for our Pasta by Hudson update revealed that the company had a tough time following the airing of the show, mostly due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It really took a bite out of Brandon’s sales, though he continued to make meals for delivery and has grown to an annual revenue of around $4 million a year.

During research for our Pasta by Hudson update, we found that despite difficulties due to the pandemic, the company had made about $850,000 halfway through 2021.

You can now order ‘Shark Tank Cheesy Meatballs’ on the Pasta by Hudson website and have them shipped directly to your door.

If we get any more news on a Pasta by Hudson update, we will let you know!

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