Dreampad Update | Shark Tank Season 9

Poor sleep is actually considered an epidemic because it is so common in today’s society. This problem was noticed by entrepreneur, Randall Redfield, who designed the Dreampad. It is a pillow that plays music to help the user’s mind relax to help sleep come faster. Do the sharks want the lullaby to send them to sleep? Keep reading to see what happens in our Shark Tank Dreampad update.

Shark Tank Dreampad Update

Dreampad Update

  • Entrepreneur: Randall Redfield
  • Business: Pillows that play music through vibrations to help people sleep
  • Ask: $800,000 for 10% equity
  • Result: No Deal
  • Shark: None

Dreampad is a patented product that, at the time it came to Shark Tank, had $600,000 in sales and was projected to make around $150,000 in profit that year.

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The music in a Dreampad is only audible to the person using the pillow and is played through vibration. To meet customer demand, there are four different pillow styles. The product works with an app that allows users to play a choice of preloaded sleep music or they can play their own music.

Dreampad dropped right into Shark Tank and was met with a substantial amount of criticism on the valuation of the company. Mark Cuban thought there was too much need to convince consumers this is the best product on the market, so he dropped out. Robert Herjavec quickly followed suit.

Kevin O’Leary dropped out mostly due to the valuation. Bethenny Frankel loved the product but dropped out because of the high valuation. Lori Greiner couldn’t get behind the valuation.

She asked Randall to come up with a new offer to give her. He said he would do $800,000 for 15%. This made Lori go out as it was much higher than what she would have done. Unfortunately, Randall left without a deal.

However during our Dreampad update research, we found that they are still in business and have expanded their product line. They currently offer the original Dreampad, and have added a speaker that goes under the user’s current pillow.

They also sell weighted blankets and other accessories on their website. Columbia University Medical Center, Sleep Score Labs, and the STAR Institute have endorsed the product since its appearance on the tank. You can also purchase Dreampad products at SleepScore Labs. The STAR institute recommends the products for children with autism.

The company is doing very well despite not getting an offer in the Shark Tank. Currently, their annual revenue is over $6 million. To keep up-to-date with all things sleep, they have included a wellness blog on their website and post new articles frequently.

We’d call this a successful Shark Tank Dreampad update!

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