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Inclusivity is important in all aspects of life. Something as small as bandages can make a big impact. That’s the philosophy Intisar Bashin and Rashid Mahdi brought to their company, Browndages. These skin-tone bandages come in five different inclusive colors and feature characters all children can see themselves in. Will the sharks appreciate this important message during Shark Tank Season 13? Find out in our Browndages update.

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick overview of what happened to Browndages after Shark Tank!

Intisar Bashir and Rashid Mahdi appeared on Shark Tank Season 13 and left with a joint deal from Mark Cuban, Daymond John, and Lori Greiner for $100,000 for 25% equity + a $75,000 line of credit. In terms of a Browndages update, the company is still in business and had more than $130,000 in sales in six days after the Shark Tank episode aired. Further, they’ve expanded product offerings to include pajamas, books, and branded shirts.

Shark: Result:
Mark Cuban, Lori Greiner, and Daymond John Accepted deal of $100,000 for 25% equity + a $75,000 line of credit
Kevin O’Leary $75,000 for 15% equity
Robert Herjavec No Offer 

Shark Tank Browndages Update

Shark Tank Browndages Update

  • Entrepreneurs: Intisar Bashir and Rashid Mahdi
  • Business: Inclusive flesh-tone and character bandages
  • Ask: $75,000 for 7.5% equity
  • Result: $100,000 for 25% equity + a $75,000 line of credit
  • Sharks: Mark Cuban, Daymond John, and Lori Greiner

Husband and wife Intisar Bashir and Rashid Mahdi noticed a lack of diversity in skin tone options for bandages on the market. They set out to change that with their company, Browndages.

Browndages has an important mission, inclusive bandages that everyone can feel comfortable using. They offer bandages in a range of skin tones and kid-friendly options that feature aspirational characters.

The company launched in 2020 and had $135,000 in sales during that year. They sold so many bandages that they ran out of stock.

The sharks love the message, but the size of the bandage industry (and the big players there) is more than a bit intimidating.

Robert Herjavec is afraid of the scale of the bandage industry, and taking on those big names doesn’t sound like something he wants to do. Because of this, he is the first shark to go out.

Kevin O’Leary, on the other hand, makes an offer of $75,000 for 15% equity, with a plan to take on the major players and work with them.

Lori Greiner, however, sees just how important the mission of inclusivity is in the industry and beyond. Therefore, she asks Mark Cuban and Daymond John if they want to go in on a deal together.

Together, they offer $100,000 for 30% for all three of them. In response, Intisar and Rashid counter at 7.5% equity each.

The sharks decline. However, Mark then adds a $75,000 line of credit to help keep stock on hand. After some negotiation, Intisar and Rashid managed to haggle down to a 25% stake split between them.

Everyone agrees, and they strike a three-shark deal. With a trio of sharks on board, Browndages are sure to gain some traction. So, let’s find out how they’re doing today in our Browndages update.

Brownages sold more than $130,000 worth of products in just six days immediately following the episode’s air date.

In addition to a boost in sales, the company has also garnered positive press from Forbes, ABC News, The Columbus Dispatch, and others.

Since appearing on Shark Tank, Browndages is now offering more products than ever. In addition to their plain bandages in five skin tone colors, they also make elastic bandages, tins with icon Black history figures on the packaging, pajamas, hats, and masks.

The products can be purchased directly through the Browndages website and at various retail locations, such as salons, beauty suppliers, and pharmacies nationwide.

Our Browndages update research didn’t turn over any new sales numbers, but we’re sure this company is going to blow up! The company already has a solid social media following, with over 80,000 on Instagram, and an important mission that will bring in even more customers.

While there’s no news on whether the deal with the trio of sharks has been finalized yet, with the exposure from the show and lots of customer interest, our next Browndages update will likely include even more positive news for the company.

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